Anyone Want A Ride From Quinton Hillocks?


imagine if your uber driver looked like ^that?
what if he was a:

ex boxer
personal trainer
(ex) porn star?

that would be quinton hillocks on his day job.
he found himself in this “no hart/enchilada” scandal.
they made their first appearance and quinton joined them…

i guess quinton is the wolf of many trades.
uber to the stars”?
on the bright side,
“escobar” could get some ( x revenge pipe ) if she wanted.
i’m sure quinton offers that service package.

lowkey: he never did it for me in porn.
i don’t like the angles he fucks in.
nice to look at tho.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

20 thoughts on “Anyone Want A Ride From Quinton Hillocks?”

  1. Wow! My mind is blown!!

    Kevin is so damn sloppy!! He needs to call Ray Donovan at this point. I actually believe there is a target on his back to keep him humble.

    If he were my client, I would have never advised him to release that apology video that just made everyone curious as to why he was apologizing.

  2. Lisa Bloom is representing the woman.Bloom says she is an actress and model who was briefly involved with Hart.Bloom is holding a press conference to address the lies being told about her client.

  3. I forgot he did porn that is one gorgeous man but boring porn wise him and the other newish guy that only fucks white women & he’s got green eyes.

    Anyways this whole thing seems like it will blow over quick unless he drops his rib for this other girl.

    1. Had a close encounter with him at Publix, dude looks sharp with his dog tho. He show no emotion in his videos but I just sometimes like to see him in action. Ricky Johnson has a nice ass to watch and I’m here for it.

    2. ^no one seems to bring the same intensity as justin slayer.
      he is everything.
      out of the new porn wolves,
      rob piper and jax slayer come close,
      but no one fucks like justin slayer.
      he gets me off just by looking at him.

        1. ^that is a good question mikey!

          rio is an amazing performer.
          he brings intensity with every scene.
          i can get off to him by just looking at him.
          although he needs to do something about his dirty feet in most of his scenes.
          ill give xl and gio honorable mentions.

      1. ^I always thought Mr. Marcus was among the top dudes in porn. He had a great personality and had great chemistry with his co-stars. That Jax Slayher dude has an amazing body!

  4. ☝️ is why I follow you, sir. You should consider investigative journalism. One comment and you have a post with still frames in less than 24 hrs. Deepthroat ain’t got nothing on you!!!!

  5. I think he is a valet and not a driver.I saw a video where Kevin helps Eniko into the passenger seat,hands a tip to this guy.Then Kevin walks around to the driver’s door and this guy is standing behind the vehicle.

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