the spotlight is now on…
asap rocky.
there is a red marker with his name on it.
rihanna will be fine because folks adore her.
she is the bigger star and has more clout.
as you know,
asap rocky has been accused of cheating on his pregnant superstar,
they both were spotted after touching down in barbados yesterday


apryl jones has a really big cum up

i know a scheme when i see it.
when a regula degula is suddenly attached to a “big deal holyfield“,
i always have questions.
apryl jones,
who is omarion’s baby mama and lil fizz storyline co-founder,
was spotted with a “big deal” recently.
she went from “lhhh” to…

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cedrick-kentrell “fought for his life” with the rona, but forgot when they opened up atlanta?

i’d imagine if you had the rona,
you’d be much more careful once you were let outside.
who “fought for his life” with the rona earlier this month,
decided to forget what he experienced as soon as they opened up atlanta.
this is what he posted on ig when he was diagnosed:


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Hey my fellow instagramers hope all you are taking care of your self. I have placed on home isolation for the next 7 days. Sunday night I started running fever, chills and having headaches. I contacted my primary care doctor @kofihamner on Monday And reported to his office; my temperature was 102 and administered the flu test; which came negative. Dr. Hamner, than contacted the piedmont emergency department. I was transported and treated for my symptoms. I was told that since my flu was negative it was possible that I have a upper respiratory infection that was cause by virus to include the COVID 19 and because of CDC guidelines I am placed for home confinement for 7days or 72 hours after my fever breaks without medical intervention which ever is longer. This shit not a joke I have pain throughout my entire body and I have had the flu before and this feel much worse… Please stay home, wash your hands, stop hugging and kisses these people… you never know… be safe and stay healthy. ❤️ @cedrickkentrell @cedentertainment

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after all of that,
cedrick-kentrell was spotted on a video in piedmont park at a bbq right after they opened ga.

someone grabbed this video from his ig stories of him explaining getting caught up…

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the dynamic duo of ryan russell and his boo are spotted being random

ive been enjoying the views from the foxhole in regards to ^this.
the comments under ryan russell’s “coming out” entry have been really interesting.
( x see them here )
ryan and his boo are on the promo tour for his “coming out”.
they were spotted on friday,
which didn’t look random at all.
a foxholer sent me the story via “the daily mail“…

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for a brief moment, he came out the foxhole and into real life

so i just got two slices from my favorite dollar pizza spot in the city.
that was going to be dinner.
i’m standing at the corner,
contemplating if i should take an uber to the crib.


that’s for a uber pool.
super negative.
as i’m about to talk to the train station,
i see this black wolf walking in my direction.
he was walking rather quick,
but i recognized him almost immediately.
he’s someone i’ve fonted about many times...

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SPOTTED: it’s a beautiful day to see an attentionisto

i love seeing attentionistos in their natural habitat.
it’s like being at the zoo.
you’re seeing someone that you’ve possibly jacked off about once or twice.
it’s always a question of:

“are they nice?”
“damn they clearly know their angles…”
“where is the *insert missing photoshopped body part*????”

“wow he is legit short af…”

sometimes it’s a straight up:

i saw an attentionisto vet today.
one who i’ve had my fair share of “late night” moments about.
you ponder?

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