the dynamic duo of ryan russell and his boo are spotted being random

ive been enjoying the views from the foxhole in regards to ^this.
the comments under ryan russell’s “coming out” entry have been really interesting.
( x see them here )
ryan and his boo are on the promo tour for his “coming out”.
they were spotted on friday,
which didn’t look random at all.
a foxholer sent me the story via “the daily mail“…

He proudly revealed he is bisexual in an honest post shared to ESPN earlier this week.

And Ryan Russell stepped out for the first time since going public with his sexuality, hand-in-hand with Corey O’Brien at Urth Caffe in Santa Monica, California on Friday afternoon.

pictures credited: sal/glo/julian/BACKGRID

x peep the video

this looks really natural and not at all staged.
i’ll be 100 with you foxhole…

The boyfriend gives me “opportunist” vibes

is it just me?
i wouldn’t be shocked the boyfriend wasn’t looking for his “come up” as well.

from ryan’s espn “coming out” article,
the motivation for him coming out comes from a blogger trying to out him:

Russell was scared that coming out as bisexual could adversely affect his career, and those fears nearly came to fruition in 2016 when a ‘well-known blogger’ threatened to expose him.

If the blogger outed me, I was sure that would kill my career, one that was supporting not just me, but my mother and grandfather,’ wrote Russell. ‘He’d eradicate a childhood dream that was the product of years of work and sacrifice.

‘Withholding information is a form of deceit,’ he wrote. ‘And I want the next part of my career – and life – steeped in trust and honesty.

‘Today, I have two goals: returning to the NFL, and living my life openly,’ he continued. ‘I want to live my dream of playing the game I’ve worked my whole life to play, and being open about the person I’ve always been.

i don’t like that at all from other bloggers.
unless it’s already out there,
folks need to let others tell their own story.
i don’t know what threatening him to come out would do.
there is something that confuses me about ryan tho.
he speaks like he was a major talent on the field,
but from his stats on wikipedia:

Dallas Cowboys

Russell was selected by the Dallas Cowboys in the fifth round (163th overall) of the 2015 NFL Draft, after dropping because his physical skills didn’t match his on-field production. In training camp he was tried at left defensive end and at the three-technique defensive tackle positions. During the season, he appeared in one game and was declared inactive in 11. After being limited with an abdomen strain, he was placed on the injured reserve list on December 2.

In the 2016 training camp, he was given the chance to start after the suspensions to defensive ends DeMarcus Lawrence and Randy Gregory. On September 3, he was released after struggling during the preseason games. The next day, he was signed to the Cowboys’ practice squad. He was released on September 6.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

On September 21, 2016, Russell was signed to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ practice squad. He was promoted to the active roster on November 12, and had his first career sack against the Seattle Seahawks. He played in 8 games as a reserve defensive end, collecting 4 tackles and one sack.

In 2017, he appeared in 14 games with 7 starts, while registering 17 tackles. He missed the fifth and sixth games with a dislocated left shoulder, which limited him the rest of the year. His 2 sacks came in each of the final two contests. He wasn’t re-signed after the season.

Buffalo Bills

On July 29, 2018, Russell signed with the Buffalo Bills. He was released on September 1, 2018.

judging from that resume,
he was a “below average” baller wolf.
if he wants to get back in the nfl,
he needs less photo ops and moretraining”mode“.
don’t get on some team and represent the gay community as “below average“.

lowkey: i feel like i can predict how this will end up.
i hope i’m wrong tho.

article cc: the daily mail

*all pictures used in entry are credited to proper owners

33 thoughts on “the dynamic duo of ryan russell and his boo are spotted being random

  1. Wow. Another post about them. I need to check this site more frequently like I used to. My bf told me I was yapping to much about social media stuff so I give it a break every now & then but I always like so many posts…😒

    Now I don’t wanna sound like I’m hating or anything, I have a man and all that stuff but has anyone noticed that aside from the fact that they are always blasting the interracial power couple that the majority of the time, the black guy appears to be the stereotypical big black masculine man & the white guy is the smaller desperate housewife or “twink”…

    Idk. Thinking back on past posts on this topic, it’s not only the fact most these dudes always go after white/fair-skinned gays but they all seem to fit that…what’s the word I’m looking for…it’s a type of porn where they worship the BBC or the black guy is always the hard dominant bull & the white guy is the toy to be dominated. 🤣😂

    From Michael Sam, to Kevin Abstract to DeAngelo Jackson. Y’all know D’ Angelo is one fine black man…all that beautiful dark skin….That man just look edible with his muscles and perky butt and…😜….Oh i lost training of thought… 👀 Y’all know I get when black men pop up…gotta catch em all like Pokemon..😛

    But like…maybe someone more knowledgeable who is into mainstream culture can correct me but there has never been a black couple who are two gay men plastered over media except the two gay dudes who had the family & then broke up or whatever. They were just kinda regular dudes from ATL or something but I have not seen a black gay male presented with another of celebrity status.

    And I’m surprised I have not seen two black athletes together.

    The only black male celeb I know of is Frank Ocean who said he had a 19 year old love and it was a boy. Being that he is from my area, and if he was down here at the time or didn’t state otherwise in his lyrics, I’d assume he fell in love with a black guy or one of the “creole boys”… I’m country but deep South they got the sexiness (& let me tell y’all..Creole boys are fine as hell..with them accents, charm…and them jambalaya peens..😳 ) oh, I got off topic again. 👀

    I had read a few posts in the last topic that stood out to me & then I can here & saw someone mention TMZ. It really made me think about this topic more. Especially, the part about all the hateful comments directed at the black guy. I’ve never been to TMZ & judging by the comment I never want to go but it made me really remember how hateful black people are of their own people.

    When Nipsey died, they had long speeches, made shirts & all kinds of stuff for him because it supported the straight dream but I heard he had some homophobic stuff…idk for sure tho.

    Despite 95% of media being geared toward heterosexuals, there is supposedly a “gay agenda” out to turn the world gay, even though (everyone is already bisexual…🧐).

    They say it’s hard being black and they always praise “Strong Black Women” but even they get leeway & justification. Straight black men regard each other as Kings and also get leeway as long as they dicking down a few hoes and making kids…

    If I didn’t know any better I would argue and say that being a black gay male and being a black trans person are the most hardest things. Not only do you deal with racism but also hatred from your own people.

    This is why it’s important for me to see more black men (and women) who love the same sex to show out. You don’t have to be in the limelight but you can tell those ignorant black bigot heterobots, “You don’t have to accept me or my orientation (or that I give head better than you..🤨) but you will accept the fact that I’m black, my boyfriend/girlfriend is black AND black love exists between our people of the same gender successfully, whether your Savior Gezuz with the blonde perm & blue colored contacts approves of it or not.

    *My 😍 is for the Universe which means it’s infinite*

    I’m tempted to go to TMZ but I won’t because I know it won’t turn out nice & I don’t need that negative wave on my mind as I sleep.

  2. I’m counting down the days until Lil Nas X debuts his white boyfriend. I already know it’s going to happen

  3. I’m just sitting here on my labor day holiday sipping some strawberry fanta soda while reading these comments. I don’t have anything more to add because it’s already been said…

    Chyle….. 😝

    1. Strawberry 🍓 Fanta!? I thought you drank grape 🍇 Fanta.I guess I got you mixed up with another Fanta lover 😄.

    1. Wow this Hollywood interracial thing is something serious gay or straight. But whatever…just wish there was more black love out shown.✊🏾

  4. Part 1

    I didn’t want to say this but i’ll ply the devils advocate. I can’t help but feel a little bad. This guys coming out was not something he had intended but rather it was a way for him to get ahead of a story. I understand the self-preservation aspect of it but no one deserves to have their story told by anyone else and more importantly, its not our place to tell it. So whoever that blogger was, that was a trash move.

    But then I see the comments and their preoccupation with his boyfriends race. We really don’t know the story there. These two could have bonded over anime, football, drag race for all we care. Their meeting probably has less to do with race and more to do with establishing commonalities and finding someone who fits in that missing puzzle slot.

    Whats more fascinating is that i don’t know how many people actually knew this dude before the story dropped. I doubt too many people will keep him on their radar after. Us commenting on his love life is like ants giving commentary on the birds. We’re not in their circle. I am assuming we don’t know them personally and we truly cannot even begin to fathom the complexities of their relationship because just like any relationship there is so much that goes into developing and cultivating it.

    Not there is/ was a strategy to this entire coming out story that I am going to give him the benefit of the doubt and assume it was all altruistic- but I’ll get into that later. I’m just trying to understand why we are so interested in the lives of celebrities (and I am using that term very, very loosely here) where we feel entitled to hate on them/ who they date because of their race?

    People mentioned that there was a large number of black queer “celebrities” that date outside their race and this seems to be the norm. But being black and gay is not a monolith. People don’t have to date their own race just because its their own race. That thinking is as literally as ass-backwards as saying people should not date their own gender. Humans are complex creatures, and yes, while we all have preferences, we don’t know his. The psycho-analysis going on without the subject even taking part as well as the inclusion of “data” that’s not even native to Ryan’s case is honestly irresponsible and ignorant considering the guys commentary on the matter is largely focused on his career prospects over his personal one.

    Which makes me question if this is more about living vicariously through him. Seeing a professional athlete (again, loosely) with another black guy and you want to put your place there in their shoes. But the gag is, THIS IS A NORMAL DUDE! if your own self worth as a black guy or black relationships is so intrinsically related to a random guy no one had heard of prior to yesterday then you have to work on yourself with that. And he has made it clear that his objective lie elsewhere. This brings me to…

    Part 2

    If there is one thing I’ve learned about the NFL, they don’t buckle to this kind of pressure and they sure as hell don’t look at videos of this and seek to hire someone solely based on the publicity. They are not going to show up outside your door which open arms and a check.

    Him coming out is great, but we got to look at his stats. Being popular for being gay means nothing as it relates to your skill on the field. I appreciate what he is saying about openly gay players, sure! But it also sounds like he wants to be the first openly gay player to inspire. Again, assuming it is all altruistic.

    We already know there are gay guys in the NFL, but they don’t want to come out because they realize that it’s not about their personal status, it’s about the performance. Not everyone is a Tom Brady- the awesome player and wholesome family man. Fans honest-to-god do not care about the machinations of your bedroom. This entire thing has the appearance of putting his personal life on the forefront which really means nothing in the grand scheme of things.

    Yes, give us an openly gay player, but no one will care if he can’t run a damn ball and is benched a season.

    What Ryan can do is leverage this spotlight. Launch a youtube career, be a sports commentator, set up a non-profit. I understand that he wants to play, but he needs to get in front of the camera for the work he’s putting in for the game.

    Part 3

    It’s long been known that the news isn’t so much to inform us of important happenings anymore (like does anyone need to know Kim K wore lime green?) but rather to give us something that we as society can collectively commentate on. To engage and discuss, even if the topics are inane and banal.

    Here, we’re talking about the very personal aspects of someones life, which ironically overshadows his initial point he made about coming out in the first place.Honestly, ya’ll. can we put aside the black/ white rhetoric for a second. Hell, put aside the gay/ straight one and just say “congrats” to a fellow human being publicly coming to terms with himself?

    We have so many people killing themselves over their sexuality and so many people hating on it and here we have a guy who not only comes out as LGBT, but is in a relationship. I am happy he found love, regardless of color, height, gender. Honestly, if only because he was bullied into the position.

    It’s rough and people are giving him hell when he is guilty for is LOVING SOMEBODY’S SON. He doesn’t need hate right now, especially from the self righteous. How can we talk about supporting our own if we cant even support their own choices for the people HE wants to love. It’s his live and I don’t see anyone else out here living it for him.

    Ryan deserves this moment of whatever it is he is trying to pull off. IDK why he has camera people snapping pictures like it matters (it really doesn’t). But I hope he gets an career out of it. I know that much. I hope the relationship gives him all the love and support he needs as he tries to break back into the NFL. If he needs support, well i’ll support him. I could honest to god care less about what race he has in his bed. If he wants to do something positive, and make a difference then I want to see him do it.

    He needs community support. And pettyness about race in a relationship (that seems to exclude us all things considered) is honestly beneath everyone. We can do better.

    Ryan, if you lurk on blogs like this one, I do hope you get the end result you’re looking for. You’re a cute couple, and if he makes you happy, who am I to question it or give a damn otherwise for that matter.

    1. I’m here for everything. Everything! Everything u said.

      Tired of black gay dudes wanting to live vicariously through black gay celebs and who they are dating. Like…How are they supposed to be your role models. Why do young black gays need to look at their lovers as something impressionable- heck something to aspire to.

      This life is hard. Love who loves you and love some more.

  5. Ryan Russell is as “BISEXUAL” as Pose’s Billy Porter is. And Billy AIN’T bisexual. These dudes claim “bisexual” because they think their families and “friends” won’t be as disgusted with them as they would be if the dudes told the gospel truth: that they’re GAY, GAY, GAAAAAAAAAAYYYYY. The Daily Mail will NEVER post a pic of Ryan holding a white WOMAN’s hand, sashaying down the street. Absolutely NEVER! Because he AIN’T into WOMEN!

  6. Well, this can’t be staged at all 😂 The pictures scream “I want attention!” His career was already toast because he was unmotivated as a player. The reason why his sexuality is important now is because it keeps him relevant in “white gay circles” as a poster child—exotica black ex NFL player now bi-sexual. He’s trying to keep his name in the media but unfortunately it won’t work he will be forgotten by Turkey Day unless he keeps performing these desperate attention stunts.

  7. hope he saved during his 4 yrs bc his career is in the rearview. why does every successful black man whose gay or comes out have to be with a white man? don lemon, karumo brown, Michael sam etc. you know they’d love for lil nas x to have a white man too. but really this is another Michael sam story. you are not even signed and the best you can do is parade your boyfriend and hold hands. I respect everyone’s truth but in the real world that won’t lead to a team signing him. fact…he’s not a high caliber player to begin with based on his stats and how many times he’s moved around with the short time he was in the nfl. so solely on talent he won’t be signed. if anything maybe to the practice squad

  8. so now what is the upside for Mr. Russell revealing his sexuality to the world? his career is OVER. I hope he as a degree & that White boy he’s dating loves him unconditionally.

      1. Bingo..he seems to be heading down the same road that M. Sam found himself. Why the need to try and parade himself around. He may need to have a long talk with M..Sam about his experiences.

    1. The only real upside I see is that he now feels liberated to be out with his white boyfriend and hold hands in front of the cameras and be queen up rather than hiding and butching it up when he was on those NFL teams for a hot minute.

      This is probably what he’s wanted for a while and now he’s got it. More power to him for living his truth but his NFL career is probably going as far as mine or most people’s, which is NOWHERE.

  9. Chile, just wake me up when there’s a day when a black man publicly loves another black man. Because baby… based on the amount of freshly out black z-list celebrities sprinting towards pink dick that day seems as far fetched.

    Representation is everything and I feel bad for the black gay boys who will see every out black celebrity dating white and begin to think they’re unlovable and that being in a black relationship is unattainable.

    This shit is sad.

    1. The two stars of Styling Hollywood are out two Black gay men in a loving, long-term relationship. They also employ and run with other Black folks. Please, check out the show on Netflix. They’re not the only ones, either.

      1. I’m glad you mentioned them their names are fashion stylist Jason Bolden and his husband interior designer Adair Curtis. I believe they are the first black gay couple to have a tv show.They were married in 2012.

        I also follow on IG the Emmy Award winning directing Anthony Hemingway(Underground,Power,True Blood,Shameless) he is marrying a black actor named Steven Norfleet today,9/1/19.

        Somebody mentioned Don Lemon earlier, well one of Don’s colleagues at CNN is an anchor named Victor Blackwell. Victor is gay and has a black boyfriend.There are many others.

        1. Thanks for these names, Y Colette. There are other Black gay celebs, media personalities, etc.–attorney, former White House staffer and media commentator Keith Boykin, writer Darnell Moore, etc.–who date, are or have primarily been in relationships with other Black men/people. They’re not the ones who get celebrated. And TV shows, films, etc., don’t want to affirm us or for us to affirm and love each other either.

          1. On Oprah’s network OWN there is a show called Black Love.This season for the first time they are featuring a black male couple Quincy and Deondray.They have been together 23 years.They got married on the Grammys in 2014.They created this great web series years ago called “DL Chronicles”.This year they relocated to Atlanta to work on BET’s Sunday Best.They are producers/directors.

            A year or so I mentioned that I followed several dozen black gay couples. So it drives me crazy when people focus on the minority of black gay men with non black partners rather than the majority.That applies for straight men too.I know most black men date black women and for the ones that don’t , that’s fine.

  10. Ok, I was on the TMZ website today reading about this, all the hateful comments were directed towards Ryan Russell, there were few hateful comments directed towards the boyfriend. Those comments were so so very hateful I just can’t believe it!! I think his football career is over, and when the money runs out the boyfriend will run out too!! I expected him to have a HOT boyfriend.

    1. That’s because whiteness = fragility. Even when both are gay men in a homophobic society, the black man will always be tore to shreds first.

      1. Plus TMZ commentators are MAGA racists. Look at the comments they leave about any black person who’s not an Uncle Tom! I think they’re both opportunistic and I doubt if Ryan has any serious cash from that three year career mostly spent on the injured reserved lists of every team. So the guy can’t be with him for just the cash—he could get that cash from any wealthy white sugar Poppa.

        On to the other question. Many blacks always saw “whiteness” as a badge of honor—the I’ve arrived moment. One of my cousins has babies by the ugliest white girl I’ve ever seen because in his mind she is a testament to his arrival. Someone said on one post that “black men and be themselves around their white lovers”— I almost snorted! How can you be yourself around someone who can never truly identify with your struggle in America. Jay says it best “still n$gha!”

  11. Can some one help me I wanna know why when blacks become rich athletes they run to the white man or women I’m so confused this is why I adore lebron for keeping it real I’ know love is blind but fuck the dumb shit self hate is deep

    1. LOL…He may be with his high school sweetie, but you can bet he banging white and black chicks!
      Wasn’t there a rumor that he opened a salon for one of his side chicks some years ago?

      1. Lol. I remember years back there was a pic of him in a car with a gang of white girls. I guess LeBron and Savannah have a “understanding”.

      2. I’m counting down the days until Lil Nas X debuts his white boyfriend. I already know it’s going to happen

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