SPOTTED: it’s a beautiful day to see an attentionisto

i love seeing attentionistos in their natural habitat.
it’s like being at the zoo.
you’re seeing someone that you’ve possibly jacked off about once or twice.
it’s always a question of:

“are they nice?”
“damn they clearly know their angles…”
“where is the *insert missing photoshopped body part*????”

“wow he is legit short af…”

sometimes it’s a straight up:

i saw an attentionisto vet today.
one who i’ve had my fair share of “late night” moments about.
you ponder?

the dominican wolf dream,
rafael leonidas.
one who i often get a lot of questions about.
he was hot one minute and then straight up vanished.
i’ll be the first to font ya:


he looks the same as he does in his pics.
that’s good.
you know these filters will have you fooled out here.

i saw him walking past me,
but i didn’t put two and two together until i saw his lips.
at first,
i was like:


…and then it registered once i got the whole meat.
he looked like he was on a mission tho.
he might have been coming from work because he was wearing all black.
his bag was blocking that famous tail of his.

…but everything in front still looked good.
i’m glad to have seen one of the vets in these attentionisto forests today.

Whose next?

let’s hope the next one i spot,
i end up under him.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

11 thoughts on “SPOTTED: it’s a beautiful day to see an attentionisto”

  1. Wow I forgot all about this dude, I have to wonder do they think of the days when everybody wanted them, or how they were the It Boys before the connectpal, onlyfans system was put into place to make a little money off of being a pin-up boy. I guess every attentionista at some point fade to black.

  2. According to his Model Mayhem page, he was in school studying to become a PT. Was he wearing all black scrubs, @JamariFox? I wonder why he deleted his social media. The only thing I could find was an old Twitter from 2015.

  3. Nice lips indeed even if I love a wolf with an ass, I won’t let one with a very big ass climb me, can’t rake a wolf with a huge booty seriously 🤷🏾‍♂️, I rather “wolf” them.

      1. Whew, I remember adding him and some other hot wolves on Myspace years ago, there was this group of fit men promoting health and fitness in NYC called City Gym Boys. He was one of their most popular models, and for good reason. Those abs… that booty. Lord have mercy! Not sure if you guys ever saw this video, but I’m pretty sure I had his named memorized after I watched it. I uploaded it a few minutes ago, wanted y’all to experience it! The quality wasn’t that great when it first came out, hopefully it looks pretty decent. Enjoy! I still do lol. “Rafael Leonidas En Caso Cerrado” is the name of the show he was on. 🤤

    1. Fyi his nudes never leaked, they used legendary Mario Borelli’s nudes to fool us… Trust me I knew it was Mario’s the second I saw them

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