when a baller wolf is fed up (vontae davis bid adieu)

how many of us dreamed of going on lunch while at work,
or even break,
and never coming back?
baller wolf,
or should i say “ex baller wolf”
vontae davis is my life goals.
even though many are upset,
i thought it was very inspiring.
he just up and quit the nfl during a bills game.
this is what “bleacher report” has to font…

Buffalo Bills cornerback Vontae Davis left the team at halftime of their 31-20 loss to the Los Angeles Chargers on Sunday. Davis announced his decision to retire following the contest:

he “cynthia” and the nfl is “nene”:

sidebar: you know she wasn’t deleting shit right?
that was probably still on her home screen.
folks are really upset over vontae’s decision.
stephen a smith had smoke for vontae:

…and damien woody is on fire about it:

why do they care so much?
did he owe them money?
child support?
sugar babies?
i’m confused.
they acting like they his wife and worried about bills.
this will lead me to my next question

Did Stephen and Damien have this same gusto about the NFL team owners fining baller wolves for kneeling?

oh ok.

lowkey:3 time baby daddy and ex nfl baller wolf,
arian foster,
agrees with him via twitter:

full agreement.

article cc: bleacher report

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

9 thoughts on “when a baller wolf is fed up (vontae davis bid adieu)”

  1. Congrats to him!! I hope he doesn’t get penalized for leaving so abruptly. Apparently he has other things that he’d like to do. And why would you want to fight someone for quitting his job? They’ve already replaced him. Hell, I wish I could quit my job tomorrow.

  2. As a former football groupie until 2 years ago when I decided to boycott the NFL for the way they did Kap, I want to give this Brotha a Gold Star. So many of these dudes in the NFL stick around for far too long only to end up with permanent injuries that none of the fans or the commentators on ESPN give a Fukk about once they are done. Being away from football really opened my eyes on how much emphasis we place on the sport and how false the love is. I applaud anyone who can leave a job on their terms. He got a good run and he will eligible for his pension, and he is still a young man. These players miss out on so much and the pressure to perform at peak levels during the season will stress out even the strongest among us. I am the point now of saying Fukk the NFL and all their old racist white owners who view the players as nothing more than animals to work until they fall out. All of them old bastards live a long time, while many of the players die prematurely, or have to suffer throughout the rest of their lives.

  3. While I am also boycotting the NFL and applaud the dude for considering his health and his family first, he was not out there by himself. He signed a contract to play a TEAM SPORT. His Instagram Dear John letter was a slap in the face to his Brothers. That’s who his team is was – family.

    His Instagram Dear John Letter said that the proverbial straw came while he was on the field. That means he got game time. The fact that he listed the surgeries to keep him playing meant he got game time regularly to risk going under the knife to keep playing.

    Some of you may not get my analogy, but I did live theatre in college, professionally and I taught it. When the person cast is missing, you have an understudy. Anyone that has ever done theater knows that the understudy is usually not as good as the person they are replacing. There are exceptions. Even if the understudy IS as good or even better, the performance will still be different because there is a different person with different energy.

    Now, imagine practicing with the same squad every day. On the day of the game, the first half is rocky, but your team at least score once. Then, you find out your brother walked out on you right before the second half begins. Now, you fielding your second or third string replacement. Yeah, he knows the plays, but he’s a different person with different energy.

    I don’t think Stephen and Damien were upset about WHY he did it as much as HOW he did it. You had time to post it on Instagram? You had enough time to tell me to my face or at the very least, text me.

  4. The man isn’t stupid, im sure he knew that this seemingly ubrupt decision wouln’t be taken lightly, so if he needed to quite at that moment then hey, it is what it is! football is extremely grueling and i read he has already had MULTIPLE injuries & surgeries, so if this man could FEEL his body was in jeopardy in that moment and jus couldn’t finish that long ass game, then i take his word for it, 10 years in the NFL is ALOT of damage on the human body, not to mention the practices and summer camp im sure he had to do

  5. yes, yes and yes. we need more bawsy black men out here showing that there’s no dollar amount worth their soul, happiness and peace.

    sometimes the most courageous act is leaving a comfortable situation and heading into the unknown.

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