trump says bye bye.

as for trump,
i don’t believe a single thing he has to say or font.
i guess we can believe his conceding statement from his twitter…

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slide right to delete this group

i left.
this morning,
i hit “leave group” and didn’t look back.
folks was starting to move funny.
i’m not one to turn the blind eye because i’m “lonely”.
i get tf on.
people don’t truly know group etiquette anyway…

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so “the walking dead” is pretty much a walker now, huh?

i have had a ton of complaints about “the walking dead”.
such a promising show that made so many mistakes.
i was “eh” on it when they killed carl off,
but when rick grimes left,
i was like “oh hell nah.
i said i’ll keep on watching to support this particular character.
well looks like they’re leaving too.
guess who is the next to peace sign
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an axe to the face for a bad tinder date!

this story is absolutely sick.
so ^that trans she-hyena is crazy as all fuck.
she had a bad tinder date so she decided to go blow off some steam.
well she bought an axe and…
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when a baller wolf is fed up (vontae davis bid adieu)

how many of us dreamed of going on lunch while at work,
or even break,
and never coming back?
baller wolf,
or should i say “ex baller wolf”
vontae davis is my life goals.
even though many are upset,
i thought it was very inspiring.
he just up and quit the nfl during a bills game.
this is what “bleacher report” has to font…
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Fine, Bye (Mi)!

flat,800x800,075,fso mi and i had a blow up today.
it ended with us officially parting ways.
i actually exhaled because i was so grateful.
grateful because this is finally coming to an end.
you know what i been dealing with as far as she is concerned.
so she calls me today with some story
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