the rona is revealing the true nature of how folks feel about you

during loss,
folks tend to get very empathetic and “loving“.
if you noticed,
males you probably haven’t spoken to in a while are hitting you up.
when you’re at your lowest,
any attention can be heightened.
this is why some people end up fuckin low hanging fruit after a break up.
you’re vulnerable and in need of attention.
during “rona 2020“,
if you pay attention,
it can show where you stand with others…

i reached out to a wolf that i thought was cool.
highlighted keyword: “thought”.
when he sees me in public,
it’s all this love and affection.
on socials tho,
besides story watching,
it’s very quiet on his end.
i’ve reached out twice in the past and got a nice “seen“,
but when we see each other in public,
he is always trying to get my attention.
i made sure not to have high expectations this time.
even tho my empathy is heightened,
he might be the same through and through.
since i sent the dm:

He “seen” it,
but didn’t respond

he found the time to update his stories.

some people are weird bro.
they will cry when they get no attention,
but don’t know how to be decent human beings.
better yet…

They fully understand everything they do and don’t give AF

i sent the same messages to others and got responses instantly.

“thank you so much for checking in on me.
i really appreciate you for doing this.”

these are from friends,
and wolves i’ve posted.

Folks act too cold that they end up freezing everyone out their lives.

i guess this was the sign to finally realize where i stand with him.
nothing makes sense and i’m bored trying to figure it out.
i’m good love, enjoy.

low-key: with some folks,
they are so depressed and in their own worlds.
shit is stressful at this moment.

they don’t reach out first.
don’t get insulted or “wait for them to respond”
pick up the phone and send the message.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

7 thoughts on “the rona is revealing the true nature of how folks feel about you”

  1. Wow. Y’know what Jamari I literally just went through the same situation not too long ago. It does suck when you’re cool (or correction) THINK you’re cool with someone and they pull that shit. Now granted, they could be going through some difficult times, but when you start playing “ignore” that is when I’m like nah. It is so weird and I am not a licensed mind reader. Play those games with someone else. The world is still spinning and that person is still moving. So I too shall move right along with them. Keep it pushing and keep going forward. Personally I think people like that just like the attention they’re received so they’ll act like nothing has changed in person in order to keep you around.

    1. ^ yeahhhhhhh i feel you.
      i’m not gonna fall into some chase vortex.
      folks know what they’re doing and when they realize you aren’t fuckin with them,
      they want to change.

  2. Block their #, social media and DO NOT subtweet/make passive aggressive posts. Once he doesn’t have access to you, he’ll make a fake account or have people snoop on your page. Erase every existence of him and do not mention him online or anything pertaining to him.

    It sounds harsh, but it’s not. We may not live to see 2021 the way these dirty people are and how the virus is mutating. It is every man for himself and this is not someone you need to waste anymore energy on.

    And the next time you see him in public? Have your headphones in and avoid. If he really tries for conversation just walk faster and ignore. This is someone who wouldn’t piss on you if you were on fire. Don’t say you weren’t warned….

  3. I remember this happened during Hurricane Harvey a person I thought I was close to ignored any and all my check-up messages but we were considered very close at the time.

  4. Been following your blogs for 6 years. This is my first time commenting. It feels like we’re kindred spirits your thoughts and experiences are similar to mine. Keep on doing great things. I feel you on this post 💯

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