so ya’ll might be back to work as early as next week? (no more social distancing?)

you will be back on the apps by this time next week.
trump seems to have changed his mind on social distancing.
everyone might be back outside pretty soon because via “the huffington post“…

Despite health experts urging against a rush back to normalcy, President Donald Trump and his allies have begun hinting they want to relax social distancing policies next week amid the ongoing coronavirus outbreak. 

Late Sunday night, Trump tweeted that he didn’t want the solution to COVID-19, the disease caused by the virus, to be “WORSE THAN THE PROBLEM ITSELF.” His words, which echoed those of a Fox News host earlier that day, referred to social distancing policies that have closed schools and businesses and kept people inside instead of pumping money into the economy.

He echoed the same message at a Monday evening press conference. “America will again and soon be open for business, very soon, a lot sooner than three or four months, as somebody was suggesting,” he said. “We cannot let the cure be worse than the problem itself.”

are they sure it’s a wise decision to have folks go back into the wild so quick?
i just read the united states is #3 in rona cases.
i understand the economy is bad,
but to send folks out without a vaccine is very careless.
i don’t understand all this back and forth the government is doing.
it seems the republicans are spiting the democrats for not approving the checks.
they are playing with folks lives and it’s really crazy to me.


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#PressPlay: #Donnie’s was out here cuttin’ up during the press conference ???? (????: @cnn)

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they don’t even have masks and gloves to protect all these people!!!
this is all a disaster and tremendous backtracking tbh.
to think,
i nearly gave them props for coming through too.
Jesus needs to take the wheel before these idiots drive off a ravine.

article cc: the huffington post

12 thoughts on “so ya’ll might be back to work as early as next week? (no more social distancing?)

  1. I have a question. The lyrics referred to the pssy tasting like soul food. Btch where? That white girl tastes like warm cornbread and beignets? I think not.

  2. All I hear are pasty White Murricans who had too many kids and are on welfare pretending that they like working. These lazy f*ckers tried to drain Africa just to avoid work. This cult and yes, it is a cult of Trump supporters need to be wiped out by this.

    The caucacity of them wanting a wall built despite Mexicans seasoning their bland food and now the Whites are going to Mexico for toilet paper. I’d have jailed every last one of the gringos.

  3. I am judging when I can leave home safely by watching Italy’s progression. They are peaking soon and will let me know how long after the beginning I can feel safe.

  4. I hope Republican voters do as their leaders tell them to do.
    But if you’re a Democrat, you’re needed desperately at the polls. Be very careful and safe.

  5. It is so sad that we all have to be collateral damage because these white racist were so mad we had a Black President for 8 years. He fed into their racist anger and they elected him despite knowing he was con artist and dumb as hell. He is just like them, dumb and angry that they have to share the world and live among Blacks and other minorities. This stupid fucker is going to kill us all. Why do these greedy ass white republicans not realize that if everybody is dead we will not have an economy any damn way. Hillary tried to warn us, but her white sisters voted overwhelmingly to put this racist douche in office and now we are here. You have these stupid ass people not believing this virus is real causing harm to us all. I am quarantine in my home, I have been out almost everyday for the past week forging for food and supplies and blessed to have enough food and water to take me at least a month or more if I could not get back out. I worry everytime I go to the grocery store or step out in public. My anxiety is on high not knowing exactly who has this virus and what is this virus. I have just been drinking warm water everyday with lemon and lime juice as well as consuming oranges to boost vitamin C and build up my immunity. It was interesting seeing that paper products are hard to find but fruits and vegetables remain stocked fully. The hardest part has been missing the gym for me. I am trying to make the best with my home workouts but it is not the same. I encourage you all to stay inside and stay safe and lets hope that heart disease and cholesterol solve the problem of the orange demon that Congress refused to do.

  6. Trump’s a dangerous moron who only cares about getting reelected. He doesn’t care about Americans, especially if you’re not white. Every step of the way he’s screwed this up and it just get worse and worse. Why did he say anyone who wanted a test could have one and yet doctors all over the US are still begging for tests, masks, ventilators, etc? How is stuff still not on the store shelves if capitalism is so perfect and is running as well as he claims? He’s like George W. Bush but on meth and crack, in the worst way. Every time he opens his mouth on those press conferences the stock market falls.

    He & the GOP thought they could get away with ramming through another 2008-style bill to give businesses $ and screw everyday people & the Dems said hold up hold up. Now you got 5 Republican US Senators in quarantine & one who voted against the last stimulus bill, Rand Paul, has Covid-19. (Paul’s father just wrote that Covid-19 was a hoax.) And youo are going to tell people to go out and infect other people so you can have the stock market rise? Look at what happened to all those people down in Florida on the beach who now have this damn Covid-19. An article in today’s NY Times talks about rich people at a party in Connecticut, and they spread it throughout the town, NYC, South Africa (!). Trump is incompetent and reckless and his ass needs to resign before he’s voted out in November!

  7. Well I mean not enough test not enough ppe no vaccine they dont know exactly how you get it but all of America is on pause wtf

  8. Scientists and medical experts informed him about this weeks ago and he considered it fake news. The only President who doesn’t fucking listen when Medical Experts do their job and advise him. Even the CDC is informing folks to keep their distance. Smh God I hope they go out to vote this year like they ran out for tissue. If people go out like nothing happened they’re stupid. Coronavirus is real my best friend eldest son was diagnosed with it after traveling for work over 2 and half weeks ago prior to this quarantine. He traveled to Florida for a conference but started having symptoms a few days ago. Started out as fever and extreme body aches and pain. My friend she’s devastated because she cant go see him. Hes isolated in his home in New Jersey. So folks PLEASEEEE TREAD CAREFULLY this isnt a conspiracy theory. I know folks who have gotten laid off. So we have to worry about the virus and the economic aftermath as a result

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