is prince michael coming with the meats on his “onlyfans”?

prince michael aka @princehasspoken from “llh miami” has always been a cutie.
he is a nice tall & lean piece of meat.
last i heard,
he was trying to start a rapper:

aside from that,
he launched an “onlyfans“…


5 photos.
1 video.
20 dollars?

this is one of the alleged images:

x see it here

is the price that high because he’s on tv?
that could be a legitimate reason,
but if he ain’t coming with the full meats,
this might be a one and done.
sorry prince.

lowkey: i need all the info about this ( x onlyfans ).
marcus and those thighs >>>

17 thoughts on “is prince michael coming with the meats on his “onlyfans”?

  1. He is only charging because he is on LHHM and don’t really plan on showing much unless he need a storyline to stay on the show. Bobby Lytes shows more ass for free in public. 5 pics, 1 video for $20 is a ripoff. For that much I can see Tyrone and Johnell and Rhyheim Shabazz. Then you charging $200 for a dick pic, that dick better be bigger than Mike Mann, Mandingo, Hotrod, Venom, Castro, Rhyheim, Khi Lavene, Scottkeptsecret, Phat Daddy and King Dingo

  2. The lyrics said compared the pssy’s taste to soul food. Btch where? That white girl tastes like warm cornbread? I think not.

    1. WordPress needs to add GIFs in the comments. The one with Soulja Boy turning around would be good for this. “$200” for a dick pic. You have to be lonely and desperate to pay $200 for a single dick pic that you can’t do nothing with. I can log on my snapchat and see a bigger dick than that for free.

  3. Chileeeee if the meat aint big don’t waste mf’s time ok.
    Yes, he is a cutie but always come off as boring with a extra side of sweetness 😒
    I’m sure he will be up here reading the comments.
    Take notes Prince if you ain’t jackin sum big meat or getting bang out save your time…We don’t want it!

  4. Snooze. That bruh at the bottom of the page is phyne AF though. Does his OF feature bi or gay content?

    I wouldn’t pay anything beyond $5 if it’s a straight dude with no bi or gay content since you can find that on Pornhub for free. At least match that shaving barber dude. If you ain’t showing more than limp d!cks and j@ckoff videos it’s not even worth $5. Use a dildo, make out with another dude or do something interesting. Who has $ for boring mess especially now that we’re in Covid-Time and millions won’t even have two nickels to rub together soon?

  5. Just saw the linked “teaser” pic.. Lackluster af lmao. He could have kept that shit on his IG story.

    The people generally who have the most subscribers and are making anything substantial from OF are the people who are going all out no holds barred. Meaning they are posting straight videos of them getting fucked, fucking, sucking dick etc. Thats what’s typically keeps people engaged to one’s onlyfans. You can’t be charging $20 and post such mediocrity of your torso with your dick barely showing. Shit, many OF users are posting shit like that on twitter for FREE lol.

    Prince seems like he’s one of those people who want to make side money from OF but aren’t providing the proper content. I guess he’s trying to preserve his image. It’s like he has one foot in and one foot out the door. One hangup that he’s going to have to get over is if your charging that much the least you could do is post a full dick pic. But once he does that then people will get bored and he’ll be old news. I’ll give him a C for effort but its a fat no from me.

    He looks great in the first pic with the white shorts though.

    1. This reminds me of that George Hill dude lol. The light skinned dude with tattoos who would forever post “teaser” videos on connectpal and once his leaked fucking video went viral on Tumblr we didn’t hear that much from him again.

  6. So we wait a minute and we will get the nudes free like we did with Blac chyna’s ex side pieces.

  7. 😆😆😆 SMH.. everybody is a PORN STAR..DAMN once upon a time you had to have a decent dick, great body and can fuck. Now it’s like music… ANYONE CAN SING AS LONG AS YOU SHOW ME PUSSY OR DICK. …🤤🤤 I know he won’t be getting my coins for his lame ass porn. But there are some slutty guys and gals just DYING to see his little package 😆😆😆

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