cirque du so- they broke up cause their relationship was obviously terrible

confessional: i love when people’s relationships are a circus.
it starts off doing the absolute most and ends in chaos.
get the popcorn and enjoy the show.

Sidebar: I love it when they ask for privacy when the circus comes to an end.
pics and videos start coming down and they want to be pretend it didn’t happen.
They give us backstage passes that we won’t forget.

who didn’t see ^this coming with these two?
jodie did all the heavy lifting with pacey from dawson’s creek.
pacey looks like he doesn’t want to be tamed anytime soon.
pacey looks like he loves giving out samples of that penis too.
( x read about it here )
after another break up for social media to see,
i’m gonna ask ya’ll a serious question.
one that i want you to really think about.

Are ya’ll really shocked by these recent string of break ups/divorces?

…cause i’m not.
here is the thing…

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i’m grieving today

we never talk about grieving enough.
when you hear the word “grieve”,
you think it comes from mourning the death of a loved one.

“I grieved the loss of Star Fox.”

…but we don’t actually realize that we can grieve a living person.
we grieve the loss of people who are still alive in many different ways.
i’m grieving today

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we ended it today.

today is the last time we would be meeting up.
i’ve been sad about it for the last few weeks,
but it would be selfish of me to try to hold onto someone who needed to go.
i didn’t cry,
but i felt this joy with the idea of this new me getting back into the world.

Jamari Fox is back on the market.

he spoke so highly of me before we officially ended it…

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the mercury retrograde has destroyed my “ships” that have sailed (done)

when i’m done; i’m done.
when jamari fox is turned off,
it’s really hard to turn him back on.
there are a few attentionistos who disrespected me and the foxhole in the past.
i’ve been sent their biceps,
sex tapes,
and nothing will budge for me to find interest.

Add on how I’ve been killing it in therapy…

“i feel sorry for that man”.
this mercury retrograde has been an interesting one because i’ve been feeling the shifts.
there was a ps4 gaming group that i was in that i realized i outgrew.
i knew i was done when i fully removed myself from the group chat.
there was one member in the group that i was pretty close with,
but i realized early on they would side with them.
call it my foxy senses coming into play.
i was sent a whatsapp message after a month of being ignored.
there is no need to be nasty in your breakups…

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ellen is up outta here (welp)

you would think someone who was treated badly before they came up would be different.
i never in a million years would have seen this end for ellen.
there was a point that i wanted to meet ellen before she retired.

Dream deferred.

even though i loved her brand of sarcastic dry humor,
the stories about her alleged nasty attitude were legendary.
people who worked for her would spare no details on how they were treated bts.
( x her old dj is one of them )
folks try to send warning shots but the masses don’t listen until it’s too late.
this is years before the allegations started to burn.
ellen’s run in the talk show world has come to an end

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so ya’ll might be back to work as early as next week? (no more social distancing?)

you will be back on the apps by this time next week.
trump seems to have changed his mind on social distancing.
everyone might be back outside pretty soon because via “the huffington post“…

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