cirque du so- they broke up cause their relationship was obviously terrible

confessional: i love when people’s relationships are a circus.
it starts off doing the absolute most and ends in chaos.
get the popcorn and enjoy the show.

Sidebar: I love it when they ask for privacy when the circus comes to an end.
pics and videos start coming down and they want to be pretend it didn’t happen.
They give us backstage passes that we won’t forget.

who didn’t see ^this coming with these two?
jodie did all the heavy lifting with pacey from dawson’s creek.
pacey looks like he doesn’t want to be tamed anytime soon.
pacey looks like he loves giving out samples of that penis too.
( x read about it here )
after another break up for social media to see,
i’m gonna ask ya’ll a serious question.
one that i want you to really think about.

Are ya’ll really shocked by these recent string of break ups/divorces?

…cause i’m not.
here is the thing…

If you pay attention,
you can see the cracks and leaks.
i can tell by the body language and how the relationship started.
If relationships start of shaky ground,
they have no choice than to fall apart later on.

some of these folks get together because (and not limited to):

Kids (Funky Dineva said the quickest way to lose a man is to have his kid)
Rushed into shit because “it felt good” (Honeymoon phase-d out)
Insecure about being gay (Beards, anyone?)
Pleasing parents (All for the mother to say she never liked him/her)
Abuse always gave familar cozy vibes (It hurts so good, baby)

i wish we would stop getting fooled so easily.

Relationships are more than what they appear on social media.
Marriages are more than they appear after the honey moon.

she will still be annoying.
he will still be a fuck boi.
we will still be able to tell the situation sucks.

 there are some long term marriages still going strong.

We can tell there is love there

…and it has nothing to do with kissy kissy poo in a baecation photo.

lowkey: can i tell ya’ll a petty secret of mine?

I love seeing jackals who did me wrong unhappy in their current situations.

it was all “fuck jamari” and now its “fuck this cunt i’m with”.
always makes my soul feel good.

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One thought on “cirque du so- they broke up cause their relationship was obviously terrible”

  1. I would slightly disagree , honestly and money aside, I think we have a least two generations of people that have been inundated with bad relationship advice from Tv shows to podcast. This advice has told people that they need to be happy 99.9% of the time and if anything makes them unhappy then you should leave, and that’s not realistic for you individually let alone with another person. Life is full of up’s and downs and even in the marriage vows it says for better or worse , people really don’t think the worse will come.

    I’m not shocked by relationships that break up but I am shocked by divorces especially when kids are involved because that is a complex level of entanglement, its very expensive to get a divorce.

    Also a side note and a celebrity example look at Samuel L. Jackson. Most people would never put up with what his wife had to put up with in the beginning , you would have had councilors and therapist, friends, and family saying leave etc; but look how it worked out in the end, look at the level of commitment and dedication it took.

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