jack harlow said, “i bet ______ would f_ck me if i let him”

jack harlow is not my speed but after the following,
i might let him pull up to my bumper bay beeeeeee.

i kid.
even though the following will bring about potential foolishness,
this recent leak about smashin’ lil nas x had me a tad aroused.
an alleged verse from an unreleased kanye song called “money bags” rose from the dead.
jack “allegedly had” said on his verse

“I bet Lil Nas X would fuck me if I let him”

it’s 2023 and we are all gay af.

now even tho its “yay! this verse is fun!“,
you know the straights will say:

Anyone who is associated with a gay male is def fuckin’ him.”

…which further fans the flames of homophobia and ignorance.

It’s the guys we aren’t standing next to that we are fucking.

It’s the ones giving us attitude and trying to avoid us that we are riding during 11pm to 3am.

*This may or may not include your manz,
baby faavahs,
or actual faavahs.


get with the program losers.

lowkey: jack harlow is also white so he can get away with gay shit.
imagine drake rapping tha…

never mind.

4 thoughts on “jack harlow said, “i bet ______ would f_ck me if i let him”

  1. Jack gives Gay vibes and I’m pretty sure they have already fucked or messed around. Outside of First Class, why is Jack famous again? Him and Iggy really got popular off of one hit and I’ve yet to see them do anything of relevance since. Lil Nas X has come and went too it seems, if I lived in a more gay city then I would probably dress up as him for Halloween. 😂

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