we ended it today.

today is the last time we would be meeting up.
i’ve been sad about it for the last few weeks,
but it would be selfish of me to try to hold onto someone who needed to go.
i didn’t cry,
but i felt this joy with the idea of this new me getting back into the world.

Jamari Fox is back on the market.

he spoke so highly of me before we officially ended it…

he told me how strong i’ve become since we met.
when we first met,
i was really damaged and allowed that trauma to consume me.
he helped me see myself and work on all those things that held me back.
he noticed how eager i was to do the work and how i dove headfirst into making changes.
i was grateful that he saw how much i grew within the time we shared.

my therapist and i ended our year and 1/2 relationship.
he has been working on helping people since 1981,
his cancer is becoming too much to handle these days.
it’s time for him to retire.
i told him it would be selfish of us to want him to continue his practice for us.

I came to him as a broken fox and emerged a much stronger one.

i’m still open to finding another therapist,
but i will always be grateful for what this one provided as my starter pack.

Thank you,
Dr. Turner.

You deserve all of the flowers.
Sending you tremendous love and light for your retirement.

10 thoughts on “we ended it today.

  1. Ja. Mar. I. You know you can write and get us feeling a certain way and then you just throw a whole whip cream pie in our face! First off, congratulations on your progress. You have a different outlook and the fact you were able to expose all of that with us in the foxhole and let all of it just get you here, to this point and not have an anxiety attack. This shows the work of Dr. Turner’s experience and it can’t go without notice that everything Malcolm said, I feel the same way. Personally I think you may have ended your sessions but I think you will be keeping his words with you forever so you really are not ending it.

  2. I’m happy that you had/have such a strong therapist that cared and really helped you becoming the fox you are. Sending blessing and positive vibes to you on your journey to finding another and to him on wherever life leads him to.

  3. The therapist doesn’t have demons you idiot, he has cancer. Smh! I pray God’s will be done for Dr. Turner and he gets plenty of rest.

    Jamari, 2022 is gonna be a fruitful year for you. Get ready because you have planted seeds that need to be harvested soon. Continue to water them and watch out! Proud of you black gay man!

  4. Its crazy to think that he has helped dozens of people heal and get rid if demons people come to him with and yet, he hasn’t beat his. Sending him prayers and well… hopefully if you are looking for a new one, you find one that you have a good connection with again.

    1. I never have seen a therapist, but outside looking in, I think it is really beneficial when transparency is there between the person and the therapist. You can’t go in telling half truths about yourself, so the therapist can tell you what you want to hear. Hopefully the next one for you will serve you just as good as Dr. Turner did.

  5. God bless you Dr. Turner and Lord thank you for the healing that He has facilitated with Jamari. I’m so proud of your progress and I’m proud that you’re taking care of YOU first and foremost.

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