are we ready for “the game”… but the 2021 version?

i remember how obsessed i was with the game when it first came out.
i watched it religiously.
you know i was stupid addicted to all things baller wolves and that lifestyle.
they had a shit ton of reboots with all kinds of cast members coming in and out.
one of the reboots was where we discovered a future lawrence played by jay ellis.

i thought the show had ended for good,
but one of my homewolves sent me this today:

with this trailer

so i’m fully here for malik’s sexy ass:

i’ve come to realize i like the cocky wolf who isn’t too insufferable or extra sassy.
the type who knows you will check his ass quick and knows when to turn it off.
i love tasha mack aka wendy raquel robinson as well.
she is one of the tv favs that i’ve enjoyed in every role she has been in.
my issue with the game is it needs to grow up a little.
i feel like it can be so much more if it went in a more “tv-ma” direction.
i know it’s humble beginnings as a pg show,
but imagine if it was like “ballers” on hbo max?


…and then,
do we really need a reboot of this show?
i’ll tune in to the first episode to see how it goes tho.
i’m also tuning into seeing mailk,
who is aging amazingly at 40:


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i’ll be there.
“the game 2021” hits paramount+ on 11/11.

lowkey: wendy raquel robinson and hosea chancez have great chemistry.
you’d think that was his mother frfr.

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7 thoughts on “are we ready for “the game”… but the 2021 version?”

  1. The original was a great show. The Akils do an amazing job creating real life, flawed, relatable characters. Wasn’t the same when it got to BET. Hosea is dope because he minds his business and stays out of the headlines. I fux w him. And aunt Wendy is golden. I’ll give it a shot, but my expectations are low. No Merwin?

  2. At this stage in the game, they need to give it up. Melanie and Derwin are not going to be a part of it, so what is supposed to be so enticing about it. I think the original had a legacy of its own, but it’s whatever I guess.

  3. Although this reboot got some good actors Wendy Raquel Robinson they need to spice it up a little bit. I agree with some cussing, killing from one of the players that can’t leave the hood shit, but for sure they need a gay/bi football player to give it something different. I’m going to watch it anyway about to download the channel right now on my Roku

  4. So it’s a drama now? Also didn’t they already have a reboot? Im going to pass on this but I’m sure you will do a review of the first episode so I will wait for that.

  5. I’ll be tuning in. I’m sad Med School/Girl Melanie won’t be there. Malik looks GOODT! Tamera Mowry is a CLOWN cheating on him for her MAGA Trollface!

    Did you know Aldis Hodge originally played Derwin? He was in the pilot. (A Backdoor episode on Girlfriends) But now we’ll see him as Hawkman in Black Adam. So ready!

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