are we ready for “the game”… but the 2021 version?

i remember how obsessed i was with the game when it first came out.
i watched it religiously.
you know i was stupid addicted to all things baller wolves and that lifestyle.
they had a shit ton of reboots with all kinds of cast members coming in and out.
one of the reboots was where we discovered a future lawrence played by jay ellis.

i thought the show had ended for good,
but one of my homewolves sent me this today:

with this trailer

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hosea chanchez gets transparent about being molested

the truth can set you free.
it’s true.
you have to face your demons in order to be at peace.
i haven’t seen malik from “the game“,
played by hosea chanchez,
in a minute.
weird enough,
i thought about him randomly the other day.
he wrote a very transparent entry on his ig about being molested today.
this is what he had to font

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Malik’s Dick Game

Something about that Hosea Chanchez.
Maybe the way he plays Malik makes me horny.
Cocky as all hell.
Boy do I love the assholes.

I dunno.

I’d let him tackle my tight end in a NY second.
Good to know he isn’t cheap on the meat either.

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