Malik’s Dick Game

Something about that Hosea Chanchez.
Maybe the way he plays Malik makes me horny.
Cocky as all hell.
Boy do I love the assholes.

I dunno.

I’d let him tackle my tight end in a NY second.
Good to know he isn’t cheap on the meat either.

and the money shot…



Aside from the chicken legs, the meat looks well seasoned.
How ironic these leak as the Game premieres 1/11/11 on BET.
Guess you gotta get ya PR in sometime.
Here is the message from the camera creeper ho to Necole B:

“Hosea Chanchez was at the 12 hotel last night and i seent it all gurl. can i get paid for these? and hopefull i want get in trouble.”

She should have sent them to The Enquirer if she was looking for a payoff.
Dumb ho.

Well thanks for the shots anyway!
he gave you a couple orgasmic touchdowns cum fuck down.


11 thoughts on “Malik’s Dick Game

  1. Hmmmm the pictures are not only leaked days before the show BUT a day after a pic surfaced on another site showing him creeping at Bulldogs ! Hmmmmm

      1. Is there a gay guy on The Game?

        Which cast member of the popular re-invigorated TV series “The Game” was caught slipping?

        Word on the curb is that the actor, who is loved and adored by tons of female fans, has a hidden side or at least a side of himself he doesn’t want his female fans to discover!

        The actor was recently caught on camera in a series of naked camera phone shots (one of which you can spot HERE) that was rumored to have been taken at a local Atlanta hotel by his MALE (yuuuup MALE) companion. I’m not sure why the actor’s date for the evening decided to sneak and take shots but he did and now they’re out on the streets.

        The actor’s team is currently in overdrive trying to prevent the leakage, but it’s already too late. I’ve seen the unedited, unblurred photos with my own eyes and all I can say is that the actor is indeed packing.

        [Sidebar: We’ve been waiting for “The Game” to return and this little scandal can do nothing but help the ratings! I’m sure a lot more ghay men will be tuning in this week.]

        Jacked from Straight From the A

  2. He most def leaked these for promo. I aint mad at him. I love the game & i hope it gets all the promo it can to have a successful season. he looks nice tho.

  3. Thanks, Jamari. Nice to finally see what Malik said (to TT) was his “third leg-acy!”

    Also, to YBW: Thank you for providing rare insights on your species. The image of a wolf admiring a “big dack” was inordinately hot. Cheers!


    Since the universe appears to be taking orders I want to see Larry Fitzgerald, Deron Williams, Kellen Winslow, and Derrick Rose next.

      1. Well tell your little birdie to get you some proof! Even wolves can admire a big dack 🙂

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