janay needs to get her son and put derwin davis in rehab ASAP

i read a disturbing story today.
it was about derwin davis from “the game”
aka pooch hall,
and i’m shocked at how far he has fallen.
it seems derwin isa heavy alcoholic lacking common sense.
he was shit faced drunk behind the wheel with his 2 year old driving.
i kid you not.
i’m so confused at this…
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This Vixen is Worried People Now Think She Is A H03

i usually don’t give a fuck what people think.
if i was a vixen, i’d probably be living in a brownstone with all my bills paid off.

sure my dms got leaked.
sure i been talking to a couple baller wolves.
sure i have some screen shots.
sure other bitches are hating.

story of the fast life.
this vixen obviously needs to find her balls….

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Jumping The Wolf

I jut got back from seeing this movie and it was pretty damn amazing.

The acting was great.
The plot was great.
The drama was even better.

But, it left me with a ton of thoughts on the way home.
I’m sure Al Green crooning through my speakers with “I’m Tired of Being Alone” didn’t help either.
So I have a question and it is one I am sure every Fox could co-sign with.

Where is he?

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The “Too Cute; Too Corny” Wolf

Steven Beck.
LL Burrell.
Braylon Edwards.
Ace Rockwood.
Brian Pumper.
Justin Timberlake.
Pooch Hall (Derwin from The Game).
Half the Wolves on Twitter and Facebook.

These are Wolves the average Fox would not kick out of bed.
But even though they are super fine, they are also super corny.

Here is why…

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Malik’s Dick Game

Something about that Hosea Chanchez.
Maybe the way he plays Malik makes me horny.
Cocky as all hell.
Boy do I love the assholes.

I dunno.

I’d let him tackle my tight end in a NY second.
Good to know he isn’t cheap on the meat either.

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