This Vixen is Worried People Now Think She Is A H03

i usually don’t give a fuck what people think.
if i was a vixen, i’d probably be living in a brownstone with all my bills paid off.

sure my dms got leaked.
sure i been talking to a couple baller wolves.
sure i have some screen shots.
sure other bitches are hating.

story of the fast life.
this vixen obviously needs to find her balls….

so this Vixen who been talking to:

Macho Harris
a marred Pooch Hall,
and even my Lover in my head BKBrandon…

so light skin,
big tits,
and Indian Remy?
some evidence too..


2 ballers.
broke trapstars.

i congratulate her.
i don’t see anything incriminating.
not like she had a pic with a mouth full of hot skeet.

now the real question is:

was this “accidental” leaking
or, was this “a kim kardashian/i need exposure to model for black tail“?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

3 thoughts on “This Vixen is Worried People Now Think She Is A H03”

  1. Nothing to see here.

    See is one of many, just like they are one of many.

    Whether she is a hoe or not is irrelevant, she’s not doing–whatever she wants to call what it is she’s doing–alone.

    Side pieces should be a bit more discreet than “accidentally” having photos leak out on Twitter.

    just saying.

    The Kimmy Kakes plan to superstardom is not a great plan to follow. At this rate she will never marry a white man of any means and will be regulated to basic black dudes who will exposed to large sums of money but have trouble keeping it.

  2. Judging from all of the proof, I’d say she leaked it herself. I could see someone taking your phone and taking a picture of your DMs. Hell, even your e-mails. But those pictures, no. One if with a webcam and the other is with an actual camera. Two different methods.

    Regardless, she’s unimportant. I don’t know why people think that kind of shit is their ticket to stardom.

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