I Bet This Drafted Baller Wolf Tastes Like Chocolate

i caught myself watching TMZ yesterday.
was in mid conversation with a friend when i saw some dread wolf on the screen from the back.
his back made me drown said vixen out.
i couldn’t make out what they were saying with her babbling,
but i know i was going to investigate him EARLY.

well, peep this…

NFL Draft Pick Trent Richardson — 21st Bday with Jamie Foxx

^look for that video.

everyone please welcome Trent Richardson.
tmz labelled him as a “muscle crush“.

228lbs of solid chocolate muscle.
even though he is 5’9,
he looks like he will suit up and palm your cheeks into orgasmic victory.
lowkey: anyone who parties with jamie foxx, my foxtail is already up.

are they related?
i ask that with HEAVY F-BI in mind.
ya’ll in the know already know.
aside from that, look at these arms…

i would strap him up and let his short ass take me dow….

find me!

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

14 thoughts on “I Bet This Drafted Baller Wolf Tastes Like Chocolate”

  1. Looks like somebody got to him first, LOL…wonder if the birthday party continued after they left the restaurant. Blow out your Candles Laura…and make a wish.

  2. Dude is alright. I wouldn’t be suprised if Jamie is trying to holla on the low.

    S/N: Jamari how tall are you?

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