I Bet This Drafted Baller Wolf Tastes Like Chocolate

i caught myself watching TMZ yesterday.
was in mid conversation with a friend when i saw some dread wolf on the screen from the back.
his back made me drown said vixen out.
i couldn’t make out what they were saying with her babbling,
but i know i was going to investigate him EARLY.

well, peep this…

NFL Draft Pick Trent Richardson — 21st Bday with Jamie Foxx

^look for that video.

everyone please welcome Trent Richardson.
tmz labelled him as a “muscle crush“.

228lbs of solid chocolate muscle.
even though he is 5’9,
he looks like he will suit up and palm your cheeks into orgasmic victory.
lowkey: anyone who parties with jamie foxx, my foxtail is already up.

are they related?
i ask that with HEAVY F-BI in mind.
ya’ll in the know already know.
aside from that, look at these arms…

i would strap him up and let his short ass take me dow….

find me!

14 thoughts on “I Bet This Drafted Baller Wolf Tastes Like Chocolate

      1. i already thought he was cute. .but that video started and i sat up so fast.

    1. Not trying to rain on the parade lol, but if that’s a big flacid penis, I need to see it hard.

  1. Dude is alright. I wouldn’t be suprised if Jamie is trying to holla on the low.

    S/N: Jamari how tall are you?

  2. Looks like somebody got to him first, LOL…wonder if the birthday party continued after they left the restaurant. Blow out your Candles Laura…and make a wish.

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