trey songz might be deep up in some sh*t (again)

wtf is going on with trey songz?
this mofo is going out bad.
every time i turn around,
he is in some shit.
if he ain’t knocking someone upside their head,
some vixen is alleging that he did some shit to her.
i legit said to myself yesterday:

“I wonder what’s been going on with Trey Songz?
I haven’t heard from him in a minute since his Onlyfans debacle…”

and then i see this pop up on my phone via tmz

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are you changed or nah for me to attend your birthday party?

i’m not one to stay angry for too long.
i’m a cancer so i can hold a grudge,
but i’ve learned to let shit go.
folks can be bitter and age like a banana over beef if they want to.

I’m good.

after a while,
i move forward.
just because someone is a dork doesn’t mean i need to be one too.
if the wound is still fresh,
i want all the smoke.
once it heals tho,
i can see you in a public setting and be cordial.

Just because someone is a dork doesn’t mean I need to be one too.

my goal is to make them look dumb as possible since they wanna act like an idiot.
imagine me having to tell the story about how horrible someone treated me,
yet i showed them nothing but love.
so i got a call today about mi,
my sister,

someone who i was angry about for a long time…

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ya’ll are convinced that august alsina is reupholstering jada’s walls

this feels like a:

“Whats understood doesn’t need to be explained”

…type of scenario.
so everyone knows august alsina and jada pinkett smith are close.
some of ya’ll think they’re too close as in:

it didn’t help that he left the following for her birthday on his ig…
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the birthday that armond latimore died

you read a story and realize just how precious life can be.
it takes you out of your self absorption for just a second.
it can show how silent enemies can be created too.
this following story did that for me.
so everyone say goodbye to armond latimore.
he just turned 17 and was looking forward to a brand new year ahead.
this is what he posted on his facebook on his birthday:

…but what he didn’t realize is later on that day,
his life would end in tragically.
this is what the “new york post” had to font…

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Britney Spears Shows You What “Vocals” Are

what i love about streaming music,
we can listen to so many albums we never gave a chance.
sidebar: the other day i was listening to fiona apple’s album,

lowkey obsessed.
so i was actually listening to britney’s older discography the other night.
some of her bubblicious pop music has aged terribly,
but even still,
she has a serious catalog of hits.
she turned 36 today.
happy birthday britney!
madonna decided to sing “toxic” for “world’s aids day” yesterday.

for world’s aids day…
i can’t.
britney decided to return the acapella favor with elvis presley’s,
“can’t help falling in love”

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Frank Ocean Was The Beau of The Ball

so frank ocean‘s birthday was yesterday.
he always gave off a heavy “introvert”.
i would imagine a quiet birthday surrounded by friends and family.
…in my head.
my head is wrong.
frank ocean threw a birthday party yesterday.
the theme?
a ball.
check out a couple snippets from it…
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