ya’ll are convinced that august alsina is reupholstering jada’s walls

this feels like a:

“Whats understood doesn’t need to be explained”

…type of scenario.
so everyone knows august alsina and jada pinkett smith are close.
some of ya’ll think they’re too close as in:

it didn’t help that he left the following for her birthday on his ig…

and this pic:

…maybe i’m naive,
but i believe this is strictly platonic.
i think august really loves her,
but she views him as one of her own.
if you remember foxhole entries past about “september”,
you’ll know he was a hot ass mess in these forests.
i think jada swooped in and gave him the love he needed.
he was real rough around the edges,
but he seems much tamer now.
whatever she did,
i don’t think she used her pussy to do it.
jada seems to have good energy that males fall for.
i could be wrong tho.
when she was asked about the sex scenes with kofi siriboe,
who is a “risk it all” type of wolf,
this is what she had to say:

so if this is the answer for kofi,
i can imagine what she’d say about august.

lowkey: can we talk about the trunk in this dirty water real quick…

…and i don’t mean the one attached to the elephant.

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7 thoughts on “ya’ll are convinced that august alsina is reupholstering jada’s walls”

  1. I don’t think, at least I hope not, that they are fucking I do however see this as more of a mother/big mama figure and I see a lot of black women doing this.

      1. I could see that and the smiths seem like they are great folks to talk to bounce ideas off of and vent with. Which i see and believe he is doing a lot of with them.

        They don’t give me yes men vibes so great listener but will call you on your shit.

  2. I don’t know it just seems weird to me. August is 26 years old, potentially very attractive and can sing; his debut “Testimony” was the talk of the town but since then he really hasn’t done anything and that was in 2014. I always find my self wondering what he does for money, what’s his lifestyle and how does he support himself. When I see him he always gives me “Kept man” vibes.

  3. I think it’s a beautiful thing, love comes in many different forms not just involving lust. Think about it he was in a bad place mentally and hasn’t the easiest life from his past and was lashing out not being able to handle to fame thing, Jada was able to come into his life and help him make some positive changes emotionally and to think clearer. Imagine if Chris brown had someone in his life like this years ago before his antics, She is actually in a way giving back to her community by help him out and being there. You never know who is going to come into your life and change it for the better, the fact that they are close and of the opposite sex has some people jumping to the dumbest of conclusions smh.

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