Remember When Your Joystick Was Really Big?

star-wars-abandoned-arcade-machine-photography-by-thomas-schultz-8so when i get my money in order,
i’m either going to buy an xbox one or a ps4.
i’m still undecided on which system to get.
i had to post this throwback on tumblr.
we have definitely come a long way when it comes to joysticks
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We Gonna Have Sex In A Video Game Soon Enuff!

tumblr_mqvom0iNVh1qdqlkxo1_1280as you know,
video games are moving in a whole new direction.
i predict we gonna be able to go inside the tv soon.
well this man nearly had a heart attack playing this one video game because it was “too real”.
wshh titled this one:
“virtual reality gaming oculus rift almost scares this man to death”

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This Vixen is Worried People Now Think She Is A H03

i usually don’t give a fuck what people think.
if i was a vixen, i’d probably be living in a brownstone with all my bills paid off.

sure my dms got leaked.
sure i been talking to a couple baller wolves.
sure i have some screen shots.
sure other bitches are hating.

story of the fast life.
this vixen obviously needs to find her balls….

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Jamari Fox’s Revenge

I love Batman: Arkham City.
It is one of the best games I have played in a while.
I beat it in 2 weeks (I had a job and other shit going on).

 I was told they were re-releasing the game with a new part called:

I was excited as shit because I wanted the game to just keep on going.
I will not want to give away the game ending as to WHY my crazy little HQ wants revenge,
but IMO it is not really worth 10 bucks paying for it.
It is pretty short and it goes by fast once you get up in it.
You should beat in an hour or two, if you really put your back into it.

I have posted the Youtube videos of the actual game play of Harley’s Revenge.
You can see for yourself if you want to make that purchase….

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