Remember When Your Joystick Was Really Big?

star-wars-abandoned-arcade-machine-photography-by-thomas-schultz-8so when i get my money in order,
i’m either going to buy an xbox one or a ps4.
i’m still undecided on which system to get.
i had to post this throwback on tumblr.
we have definitely come a long way when it comes to joysticks





i remember some of those were really big.
so lets see…
i had a:

ps3 (it broke)

yeah i know.
i’m kind of a dork.
this dork will havesex with you then proceed to kick your ass in mario kart,
street fighter,
marvel vs capcom 2,
and call of duty
best beelee dat!
3a9296910b700fb0_tumblr_mj1k17kIL61qfjyrro1_500.xxxlargewatching people lose playing against me makes me happy.

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16 thoughts on “Remember When Your Joystick Was Really Big?”

  1. Even though I got the XBone before the PS4, I’d say get a PS4 for “The Last Of Us: Remastered”. That game rips your heart out and feeds it to you like the “The Walking Dead”.

    Aside from TLOU:RE, at this time, none of the exclusives for both systems are all that great IMHO, but the future looks bright for both systems in that regard.

  2. I have a PS3 and X-Box 360. I am a tried and true X-Box fan! I’ve found the games to be so much better. As much as I like the God of War games…ya’ll can have the Playstation. LOL

  3. I remember most those games. I just purchased a ds Xl. I’m such a kid at heart some days. Lol

  4. I’m exactly the same way. I get joy out of kicking peoples ass and if they are my man, then proceed to have great makeup sex. I’m waiting for better games and a lower price tag for the PS4.

  5. I had a few of those. The main ones being Sega and Nintendo of course. I’ve never cared for handheld games. I don’t get the full immersion experience from handheld games unless it’s just a simple game like Angry Birds.

    I hear that the X-Box One and PS4 are pretty much equal when it comes to pros and cons. I was told it’s best just to wait until the consoles prices are lowered because neither one has great gaming right now.

    1. ^that is what I am hearing as well.
      plus they seem to be re-releasing older games with better quality.
      just to make extra money even tho I would play GTA again for the better graphics experience.

  6. I love video games even tho I haven’t played in FOREVER , I say go with a PS4 seems like a better deal

  7. Wow, this just took me back down memory lane. AND made me think, I need to buy stock in Sony…they done changed the game and took over

  8. just remember to choose whatever console has the games you want. Dont listen to the fanboys.

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