Come On Baby Light My Fire

giphyso you know i try not to keep up with the common pineapples,
but i always seem to get dragged into their antics.
plus i like to talk about em.
what can i say?
so it seems that the new hotness in the street is setting yourself on fire.
you read right.
its called “the fire challenge” or some foolishness.
people are pouring…
well i’ll let you see for yourself…

Santana-Gifs-3-santana-lopez-21828214-500-282…are the pineapples bored this summer?
i am in utter disbelief.
what is so exciting about setting yourself on fire?
where is the challenge in it?
this can’t be life.
well hey!
i say let them burn each other up.
we can call it “dumb ass control”.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

12 thoughts on “Come On Baby Light My Fire”

  1. What the hell is the world coming to….i swear each generation is getting dumber and dumber. People will mimic anything they see on the internet no matter how disrespectful or dangerous.

      1. Me and my facebook friends were just saying this. Most of those dumbass videos are of black people. Then we all on there talking about y’all make us look bad. How? All I see is individuals (whom happen to be black) doing the same shit other races be doing. It does make me a little disengaged to see us want to be in the in crowd now a days after being excluded from this bullshit. However, this could never be me I have class and a life.

  2. Do you remember the snow challenge from last December? Dumb asses would get butt naked then jump in a big pile of snow. I just don’t know what it is with them wanting to do things that can cause death. I heard a person did die from the snow challenge last year. Hypothermia of course. A person died from planking the year before that. Doing on the 9th floor balcony of an apartment building will do that to ya.

    All I can do is face-palm and smh.

  3. We saw this on the news last week. Kids have way too much time on their hands and man they do some STUPID shit!!!

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