Make My Piggy Bank Oink

tumblr_n8z2m9bLCt1qfmzyso1_500so while these negroes out here burning each other up,
i’d rather try a different kind of challenge.
i love money.
^that picture above actually made me hard.
listen i can be a real materialistic fox when needs be.
i like my pockets laced and my piggy bank oinking.
well the issue with loving money is not saving it.
so someone in the foxhole sent me this,
and i wanted to try it.
it’s called the “52 week money challenge”.
here is what it entails

so you save like you are counting to 52 every week?

2ludw02that doesn’t seem too…
i want to try it.
actually i will try it.
who wants to play with me?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

11 thoughts on “Make My Piggy Bank Oink”

  1. Good idea. He’s another good idea–maybe better. From the time you enter the work place put away a portion of your earnings in savings or investments for retirement. How much? Use this guide: Let’s say that you start working at the age of 22. At the age of 22, put away 22/2 or 11% of each paycheck for that. At the age of 23, put away 23/2 or 11.5% of each paycheck for that. Each year the percentage amount goes up a tad but each year you are likely to be promoted and earn more so you’re likely not to feel the loss of purchasing power that has gone to savings/investment. So at age 30, it’s 15%. At age 50, it’s 25%. At age 60, it’s 30%. With the power of compounding (investing right), by the time you retire at 65 or so, you’ll have a nice nest egg with very little pain.

    Who likes this? Who is gonna do this?

  2. I can’t right now. I’m low on funds. Been that way for a while. 🙁

    That will change soon. 🙂

    The challenge sounds interesting but when I read it, all I see is numbers and it makes my head jumbled.

  3. See… the way my account, salary, and rent are set up … LoL ….
    No but really, I actually tried this last year after being urged by the office manager, and actually made it to week 25 and then I had car trouble … #WipedOut

  4. Hmmm I’m going to open a savings account at a credit union and try this.

    I’ve always had problems saving like I really want to.

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