Anymore Up My Ass And You Can Give Me A Prostate Exam!

f76e57e82c1dda071dc9504051bb1d00so i saw this quote today and had to laugh.
these simple bitches are up my ass yet again…

i was standing in the handicap toilet stall on another floor,
going through my tumblr,
while taking a breather from my work situation.

“these people drive me fuckin’ crazy.”

attachmentthats what i think to myself every day.
no matter how good i do,
or what compliments i get from other staff members,
there is always a liar liar and a  alba-boss right behind.
its getting to the point that i can’t stop having an attitude.


…is usually written all over my face in magic marker.

giphytoday liar liar tried to embarrass me again.
i mean she has been quiet and minding her business,
but today she really went in for the kill.
period pains?
as usual,
i had my email proof ready to show on demand.
we were brought into the office and it almost seemed like my boss took her side.
that’s nothing new.
at this point,
i’m too over it to argue or complain anymore.
i just continue to show my receipts and let the chips fall as they may.

one of the wolves in my department,
hard worker,
is desperately looking for a new job.
he is completely done.
he can’t stand the alba-boss.
definitely not a fan of liar liar.
he gets it worse than me for some odd reason.
he has been there longer so he voices his opinion with no issues.
i don’t blame him.
i told him not to quit,
even though he wants to get out of there so bad.

please-stop-o“are you crazy?
at least get fired and get on unemployment!”

it seems like they don’t want to fire you.
they want to make you quit.
they want to torture you.
i was thinking to myself in the stall that i don’t want to quit this job to go to another.
i actually want them to keep pissing me off actually.
you read right.
it makes me motivated and striving for my career.
this job is a lesson i need to learn.
i’m tired of working for people whose brains rest comfortably in their asses.
you have to start over,
proving that you are a good worker at a desk job,
and some insecure dumb ass can’t handle that.
its messy,
its stupid,
and even though i am over it,
i made a promise to myself hat i will fight that good fight.
as much as i picture both of them choking on food
Image74…which amuses me greatly,
i will not let them have the satisfaction that they won over me.
that just ain’t gon’ happening.
i’m the under-fox remember?
we gotta fight until it becomes easy.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

16 thoughts on “Anymore Up My Ass And You Can Give Me A Prostate Exam!”

  1. It has been a while since you talked about Liar, I thought she finally gave up, but she is still at it huh? Damn bro. Yea, you just have to treat her with a long handled spoon and continue to do your job. You’ll win in the end.

  2. This liar liar bitch needs a life or some better dick at least. I can’t stand evil people like her this situation reminds me of this anime called peach girl . The main character is going hell at school with people talking about her to the point where she doesn’t see an end. I’m glad she’s not getting to you like she once did but something’s gotta give.

  3. Ricky, I think all of us may have issues, from time to time, with our jobs. There are a lot of people looking for employment, even though the economy is improving, but it is not necessarily very easy to land something one may want. Jamari has said he has his eyes open but leaving before having an offer for another job would not be wise without substantial savings.

  4. i don’t even know what to say…what exactly are your qualifications? I don’t understand why you don’t just have the balls to say fuck this. you think you’re proving something but you’re not. i kind of sad for you.

    1. He is proving something, that liar liar’s shady antics don’t bother him anymore because he’s used to it. I’m sure he would say “fuck this” but jobs are not readily available here in America at the moment. Ya remember that thing called a recession?

    2. Me smells TROLL vibes from this Ricky Bobby character. It’s comments reek of “shady queen”. As Jamari posts, it keeps unraveling it’s true rainbow colors. How is it with it’s finances in order going to tell someone who was jobless for damn near a year to up and leave his job?

      1. In the last entry about playing that savings game, it called Jamari a bitch and said its finances was in order. It is on the troll stroll and isn’t fooling me in the slightest.

        Am I right on my assumption Ricky Bobby?

      2. Yes you’re right. He revealed himself months ago but I think he forgot which is why J’s resident stalker didn’t switch his name again for the umpteenth time.

      3. Y’all just now picking up on this dude? I don’t think he is a troll, just a miserable hater. How about when he called me a bitch for no reason at all? I let it go though and still was cordial to him.

  5. I’m glad you’re documenting, Jamari. It’s your saving grace. Is there someone over your boss or is she the head of the company? Also, is there any chance of transferring to another division in the company, such as joining your previous direct report who liked and supported you.

    1. ^naw he is not the head.
      she has gotten complaints but nothing has yet to be done.
      I don’t understand it.
      she does her job so it’s not like she is an idiot.
      she just has her favorite and there is no getting inbetween that.
      as far as going back to the other department,
      I can’t.
      she does ask me to do some things for her,
      but that seat is officially over until thing 2 leaves.

  6. At some point liar liar is gonna get tired of trying you and wait until you’re vulnerable. I think that’s what she tried to pull this time actually. Stay keeping them receipts.

    She reminds me of a comic-book villain.

    “You may have foiled my plans this time Jamari Fox, but next time, I’ll get you.”
    *insert over the top evil laughter*

  7. Why do I feel like when you place two women or more in the same place there’s always drama? I thank God I’m not straight tho.

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