Another Black Celebrity Wolf Gets Outed?

so a foxholer sent me a developing story and the first thing i said was:


is 2016 trying to go out with a bang?
well another celebrity wolf gets allegedly outed by a messy jackal.
kordell can jump for joy now.
on the next:


we allegedly got
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“-A” Waste of Time

Bd-BUk9CIAECRZqso for 5 years,
i watched pretty little liars.
i waited patiently through all the twists and turns to find out who “a” is.
well yesterday i binge watched the entire 6th season.
everyone has been buzzing about the revelation of “a”.
i purposely ignored the barking,
although some of the foxholers messaged me like:


one of my home-vixens who i put on said i would be shocked.
she actually liked who it was.
well when they revealed “a” and explained the “batshit crazy”…
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Dinner, Movies, and Emotions With The Work Wolf


last night was an emotional one.
the first time i ever showed emotions in front of work wolf.
i got in at like 12:30am and went straight to bed.
it wasn’t like i didn’t have a ton of thoughts.
so last night,
work wolf and i had another outing and well…
(this is going to a long one)
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The Write Up Un-Heard Around the Office

tumblr_mqamfeBmzf1rwmmmlo1_1280i got my first official write up today.
no woohoo?
oh the reason,
you ask?…

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New Year; New Me!… For A Week Until Back To Normal

tumblr_mji6cg7YZ31qd9jlto1_1280-650x433so its 2015.
a year that has everyone is “new year; new me!”.
whenever any new year rolls around,
everyone wants to start getting rid of baggage.
we mentally start packing the things we created for ourselves.
things we vowed we would stop doing as we put them in an emotional u-haul.

  that ex we are still addicted to
those cakes and cookies that gave us those love handles
 the cigarettes that keep us sane when we are stressed
those random one nighters that leave our holes sore in the morning

the problem for most of us is that somewhere down the line,
we always revert back to unpacking the mess.
we simply put them away without really getting rid of them.
we are like hoarders for bad habits.
since today is the first day of the new year,
i had to wonder…

Are we kidding ourselves with new years resolutions?..
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Anymore Up My Ass And You Can Give Me A Prostate Exam!

f76e57e82c1dda071dc9504051bb1d00so i saw this quote today and had to laugh.
these simple bitches are up my ass yet again…
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