Another Black Celebrity Wolf Gets Outed?

so a foxholer sent me a developing story and the first thing i said was:


is 2016 trying to go out with a bang?
well another celebrity wolf gets allegedly outed by a messy jackal.
kordell can jump for joy now.
on the next:


we allegedly got

michael b jordan,
this is what was sent to me:

real or fake,
i’m disgusted at the whole temper tantrum.
these atl jackals are on another level.
i don’t believe it because if michael was on the low,
and a fox,
i’d see him messing with those who would help his career.
let’s be real about this.
if i was an actor fox,
my butt cheeks would only be reserved for “upgrade only“.
i may mess around with one of my co stars after a wrap party.
and rapper wolves would get the cheeks/mouth since we are in the same industry.
only top shelf like “platinum albums” or “game winning plays” get my attention.
some random “wolf” from atl who is coming off high key catty?
plus you “got receipts” but not leaking them for the “legit-ness”.
unless michael is on career suicide mode:
try again jackals.

straight or gay,
something to lose or not,
can be a little dumber because they fuck anything.
pussy or ass has been the downfall of many.
a majority of foxes tend to be smarter especially those with something to lose.

Am I wrong?

…but we’ll see where this story goes.

lowkey: this also seems sketchy…

29 thoughts on “Another Black Celebrity Wolf Gets Outed?

  1. Lol I’m so sick of these “outers”… GET A LIFE! Damn! A bullshit story at that too. The reason why there is still so much stigma with homosexuality in the black community is because people get THRILLS out of “outing” and demonizing men just like this situation here. It’s like a damn circus show.

    “Hey look! I’ve got proof that X,Y & Z is gay. Everybody gather around so we can ridicule him!”

    Same shit, different day. I’m so sick of people expecting guys to be comfortable being out when they take pleasure in outing people. That is so counterproductive. Especially when they out people MAINLY to ridicule them. How do you think other closeted men are feeling while watching that from the sidelines? It’s so annoying.

  2. i’m starting to think this is a female doing this…

    “tradeatl12345@michaelbjordan he didn’t have to come to this but the fact that you keep denying me you act like you Jackie and Cory wasn’t running trains of me

    tradeatl12345@michaelbjordan so you going to sit there and act like you didn’t tell me you were scared that Tony gave you a HIV”

    this is going real left now.

  3. Ugh I’m hating all these outing mess. Why do people feel the need to go and out someone, and if these story is fake, then someone needs to go ahead and find out who came up with these story. Hell I wouldn’t mind messing around with one of these down low athletes, actors, business men etc. As long as he pay my bills, credit cards, get me all the Jordans I want, money in my savings account, brand new Mercedes or BMW in my name and my mouth would be closed.

  4. yeah, I dont read on Christmas. lol. I only rip through But, imma need some receipts. Who ever put Kordell on blast provided receipts, so there wont be any reimbursements. I have yet to understand why these little bored homos love to out people. I mean it makes for good tea, but damn, what do you get by trying to ruin people lives.

    1. Because they got nothing to lose but their lives and that’s why they’re on suicide watch. *sips tea*

      1. Yeah I agree great sip sip but why loose a baller cuz you mad stay on sideline and he will take you shopping after next gig I mean WTF get over it damn

  5. I’ve learnt that people who have proof, show it. People who don’t, want to scare people into something. If MBJ is gay, bi, bi-curious, gender fluid, whatever, as long as he’s not forcing anyone into anything against their will, I say let him live.

    But I think it’s shitty that when you google his name from this point on, these baseless allegations will be prominent search results.

    I think I’m just over this whole phenomena of supposedly outing people by leaving comments on social media and then never following through. The same thing happened with some ‘fashion’ dude associated with Kanye. I think his name is Ian Connor. Some messy ass person on Twitter went on and on, for days, about how there was a video of Ian Connor giving head and the guy was allegedly Kanye. We’re still waiting for that video to surface, right? Lol.

    Merry Christmas, Jamari.

  6. Merry Christmas foxhole! Hope you all have a wonderful last week of 2016 and a extraordinary 2017! I’m especially praying for you Jamari and that you will continue to be a blessing towards all those whom you come in contact with and vice-versa.

    Now that I have said that, this is one of the saddest outing posts of the year. First i think outing is wrong unless they are literally duping someone who is devoted/in love with them or are spreading an infection around. Second I understand that they are mad but they come off as bitter, jaded and straight up hateful. And wishing that someone and their family is murdered or catches a disease is not a thing to just arbitrarily put out there. Third it diminishes both the person that is trying to out, like you just come off really looking pitiful and that you lack any type of class or intelligent means of playing the situation (as horrible as that is).

    I hope he doesn’t respond to this b/c they just came off as way too messy and wanting to get some attention. If he does (which doesn’t confirm that it happened), he just needs to brush it off and not give it much attention. B/c look at where he is in his live vs these guys who’s grasping to the hope that this will break him. Shame.

  7. I don’t believe any of this hot mess. I looked up bryant.milan90 on Instagram (private account) with only 2 followers and no posts and tradeatl247 (private account) with only two followers and 4 posts. That story is straight B.S.

  8. After graduating college with some NBA and NFL ballers who are DL these stories bother me more and more. Knowing what these young dudes face day in and day out in the NCAA and NBA/NFL locker rooms. It is heartbreaking having a dude cry in your dorm room at night his teammates consistently using the word “faggot”. If they are DL and dont want to be out yet just leave them but stop forcing them to face ridicule and being ostracized for their orientation. Shit is not funny or fun. This one story just seems like some messy gay who met MBJ at a function got a “wassup” and painted this elaborate story in their head just to make themselves feel worthy. #StopMessyGays2k17

  9. Michael doesn’t even mess with black women, I highly doubt he’d even breathe on gay black men from Atlanta.

    You don’t even have to be smart to know not to mess with any man from Atlanta if you’re DL. Lol

  10. While he sets off my spidey senses…I doubt he’s that hungry for pipe. I’d hope he’d be a Lil more selective in his pipe downs.

  11. I don’t believe a word of this. These are some THOT sissy ass niggas in the ATL trying to be famous. The lengths bitches go to for fame..SMFH….Why would Michael an intelligent nigga go wrap himself with these THOTS? I know we get stupid sometimes for dic and pussy but I have to give my boy the benefit of the doubt.

    Let this one marinate for a while. Hope MBJordan don’t waste his time to respond to these whores.

  12. So he is a wolf but acting like a petty fox? I don’t understand these men! If Michael B. Jordan, Flashman Wade, Bake, Kordell Stewart, or anybody else like that was tryna come thru I ain’t telling NOBODY. U hear what I say? NOBODY. U get top notch pipe and u running ya mouth? I got good tail and pipe and I can’t get no chance. Smh.

    1. lol i know that’s right meanwhile all i ger is the occasional hood wolf with some good dick that wants to spend the night all the time after we fuck the first rime and eat up every damn thing lol

      1. And u know what Malcolm? I’ve had the regular hood pineapples come thru too and dick me down and we do our thing and I see them out in public and I pass them in the road straight. I don’t run my mouth, celeb or not.

    2. That’s how it’s supposed to be. You wanna act brand new with these top notch pipe or ass when things go south or you don’t get your way? Be grateful that you even had an opportunity to have top notch pipe or ass. Because you would never get that opportunity again. Celebrity or not, they trust you enough to mess with you the least you can do is be reciprocal in that trust.

    3. yes im an out gay brotha but i never outted anyone and i personally like dl or discreet men because i don’t have to worry about a video being released with my ass in the air doing some freaky shit lol

  13. I don’t believe it. His sexuality i’m not sure of but the story sounds weak and the profile is fake as fuck lol and the pic i seen of him on the beach his dick wasn’t small at all maybe my definition of small compared to some of the ATL jackals is different not only that but these queens crack me up IF it’s indeed real my question for the jackals is did it ever occur to them that this man has power and could do something to make you be quiet forever? or that no one would believe you. and whats the motive behind the expose? Michael has NEVER been rude to gays and lets face it maybe he’s bisexual and if so SO WHAT…JESUS CHRIST every gay guy wants to put people on blast these days some men and women are bisexual and he’s young, a millionaire and making moves so even if he did have a fling in the ATL thats what it was. The comment about him only working for Ryan, well it was his acting in Fruitvale station that helped catapult he and Ryan to the next level, so it’s only right if two brothers who started working together grow together professionally. Much like every dynamic duo, Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, Pharrell and Jay-Z, Missy Elliott and Timbaland, etc…the world doesn’t need to know everything and the fact that in 2016 people are still trying to out folks in hopes of fame shows you that homophobia exists because if it didnt folks wouldn’t try to expose you to embarass you. If you’re gay be gay and proud but dont seek to out someone to embarrass them for being what they are. If he didnt kill your family, threaten your first born or etc i dont see what the problem is…These youngs gays are dumb as fuck if i had Michael that’s an secret i’d gladly keep. I’d have his caramel self on speed dial..This is why i don’t deal in gay social circles because the man act like school girls and gossip about everything. Like broken refrigerators cant hold no damn water lol

  14. Listen, I believe a part of become the best version of myself means I have to stand in my truth. That’s why i’m hesitant to date someone who is DL or closeted. But this extra shit is just unnecessary. They put his business out there and leak the video…. Then what…….. It’s not gonna make them any more relevant than they were before. They’ll still be an unknown bitter jackal. I agree with you J. If I was a celeb I would only mess around with guys that have as much to lose as I do.

  15. Yeah seem a lil sketch…until the receipts come out, I won’t believe it.

    Side note: Michael B. Jordan is bae lol love him and his acting

  16. This is such a mess make it hard for those who respect others right to chill and not be out hell it’s show biz makes getting movies harder and not to mention it’s nobody fucking busneiss but hey Mike you can chill with me any day love to c video though.

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