Kordell Stewart Has Some More Leakage For Review?

i guess whoever has that vixen’s phone is on an uploading spree.
they are leaking all of kordell stewart’s alleged good stuff.
so here is another alleged shot from the:

kordell stewart alleged “tooted ‘n’ booted” files

it’s a tail shot.
you may/may not have to leave the room to view it…

if that is kordell,
he got tail!
for an older baller wolf,
he has a pretty fit bawdy.
that tail sits.
nfl baller wolves always have the nicest tails.

lowkey: you ever wonder what scandals other baller wolves,
of all sports,
have going on that haven’t been leaked yet?
i bet there are some good sex tapes ready for review.

19 thoughts on “Kordell Stewart Has Some More Leakage For Review?

  1. I want to see more of the dick meat. lol He has a nice size on him, which a decent thickness. lol Good 7-7.5 inches best size for me. lol

  2. This person just seems so messy and vindictive! Just take your dick and stay the fuck quiet. (allegedly)

  3. Kordell is probably going to regret his rantings on his latest post about these pics were for my girl friend. Its such a cliche now. Hw should have just STFU, bet his losses as many people including myself always wanted to see that wonderful ass of his and dick and just STFU. Its no big deal these days. Heck if you are an athlete and you don’t have a dick leakage you ain’t shit!

    Whoever is doing this is out to fuck him up and nothing like a fucking gay man scorned!

  4. Well, he cannot deny it is him, peep the head shape lol Listen…I’d have to mash his butter face in the pillow cause I’d have to get some. It ain’t no Wolf who’d turn all that down.

  5. Kordell just gave an interview to TMZ in which he claims the phone containing these videos/photos was “stolen” from a “female” he once dated. He claims his attorneys will find the person responsible. lol

    If it is indeed a guy who leaked the photos don’t expect any updates on Kordell’s “investigation.” I don’t feel sorry for him at all considering his homophobic attitude towards gay people.

    1. My sentiments exactly. Lest we not forget the “Adam and Steve” comments. LOL some gay dudes are so brainwashed and engulfed with self-hate that they’d go out their way to publicly bash their own community. They’re so set in their ways of leading a fraudulent life with a woman that they believe they’re straight. It’s mind-boggling.

  6. Whoever is doing this just seems vindictive and rotten. They’re claiming to be a man, but not showing their face. Stop with the gay rumors, it’s only helping ruin this brother’s life. We’ve all been on tumblr to see girls getting men to toot it up for the camera then leaking it.

    Now on a side note, that ass is phat! You know I love a thick, muscular brotha with cakes 😍

  7. these messy queens stay leaking pics to get on and end up forgotten once the next big scandal takes off. its definitely looks like his body and most athletes tend to have a muscular ass or a phat bubble ass especially football players lol. if i had Kordell no one but Jesus would know lol hell i wish someone would pay for me to finish my education. if a man pays for you to his masters you dont release pics and etc to destroy him. smh folks these days are backwards. if you do good by them they screw you over but if you do them wrong and are malicious they worship you.

      1. I know it is some just messy people out her who put these things out just to be seen, but in all honesty anger/hurt makes you do the damnest things. In all honesty this is getting redundant. I mean dude outed him and in all honesty he may deserve what has been done to him but no whoever is doing this is really going overboard and karma is a bitch when she sting!

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