RIP George Michael

…and in random celebrity deaths.
george michael has passed away at 53 years old.
i will admit that i wasn’t too familiar with george michael.
i liked “careless whisper”,
but i didn’t know he sung this song…

my mother loved this song and played it all the time.
i’m sure she played his songs and i didn’t realize they were his.
rest in peace george michael.

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16 thoughts on “RIP George Michael”

  1. I was just listening to his song “Last Christmas”..he had some big songs. 2016 has really showed its ass. So many deaths. RIP George Michael.

  2. Six more days until 2017.Fingers crossed.Knocking on wood.

    Between Michael,Whitney,Prince,George Michael,etc we have lost some of biggest musical acts of the 80s and early 90s.

    1. Exactly Y Colette. The only one left is Janet and Madonna, from that era. May he RIP, I hate how 2016 has turned out.

  3. When George Michael came out, I hated myself just a little bit less. He and Aretha Franklin’s “I Knew You Were Waiting For Me” had always been a favorite of mine. Although it was under less than great circumstances, to see someone that women the world over wanted to sleep with say that he was gay changed perceptions of what people thought a gay man would look or act like.

    Go back and look at the lyrics his best seller “Faith” from 1987 (I was 10) and couple that with his announcement in 1998 (I was a 21-year-old junior at Morehouse). It gives the lyrics an entire new meaning to any man struggling with his sexual its.

    Rest In Peace, sir. Thank you for making it easier for me to accept me.

    1. he did that duet with Aretha and he also did a duet with Mary J Blige As(always) a remake of a Stevie Wonder song….he had his demons but he could sing

  4. Very eerie, I always though about George Michael being next immortal celebrity. Especially two days ago I heard his song “Last Christmas” in my supervisor office. This is a prime example of a performer who left an impression on the 80s, 90s and I alway thought of him as being very soulful RandB for real. George wasn’t a perfect person who possibly had vices of his own from lewd act and using drugs. Man, a decade of real performer that really cared about music is disappearing and they paved the way.

  5. As others have already stated, “Last Christmas” was a song I listened to hours before his passing. It reminds me of my childhood. Definitely one of the most beautiful Christmas songs of all time.

  6. Sad. He was only 53..far too soon…Freedom ’90 was a battle cry for me after I first came out and looked to society/Pop culture for affirmation. I no longer do that but at the time it felt necessary.

    RIP George Michael

    P.s. There is an Oprah interview of GM from 2004 posted recently on YouTube. Long after his fame subsided and the bathroom incident. He discussed that and his struggle accepting his homosexuality. I reccomend GM fans check it out.

    1. It is interesting reading the comments from gay and bisexual men about the impact him being out had on their lives.People underestimate the importance of visibility,the importance of having someone you can relate to in the public eye.Not just in terms of sexuality but also race,gender,etc.

      I watched that interview with Oprah when it aired.He broke up with his boyfriend Kenny Goss a couple years after that interview.The Dailymail is reporting that rekindled their close friendship in the last few weeks.
      We are fortunate that we have his music and videos.

    2. His lyrics touched upon a LOT of social issues. Just listen to the CD Listen Without Prejudice, it touches on so much. LOVE that CD. He even has a song on the B-side of the single for Too Funky called “Crazyman Dance” which touches on homelessness.

      But if you go back to his time in the group Wham, you will find songs that talk about social issues. “Where Did Your Heart Go” talks about suicide.

      It’s funny that you mention Freedom ’90 because at that point he was at war with the label because they wanted another Faith and him playing up the sex symbol image from the “Faith” video, but he wanted to do something different. Because of that, he refused to be in any of his videos for the songs from that CD. That’s how we got the supermodels of the 90s lip-syncing his song in that famous video.

  7. “An Easier Affair” is actually his testimony for him coming out the closet. I really do tip my hat to him. Also, “One More Try” was covered by an R&B group called Divine who had a hit called, “Lately.” Mariah Carey also covered the song and it’s on her “I am Mariah….” album.


    His song ‘Outside’ and the accompanying video was an absolutely brilliant way of him owing the incidence surrounding his outing through the bathroom bust fiasco. His lyrics had this very sensible way of expressing his experiences and thoughts without it bordering on being corny or whingeing.

    He was ordered to carry out community service as part of his sentence for lewd acts in public and he had this line in ‘Outside’ – “I’d service the community, but I already have you see, if you want it you got it but I never really said it before…” referencing he’d always been involved in charitable and community activities with stealth. The tales of the sheer amount of his community activities and charitable givings that have surfaced since his passing are simply inspiring. He was talented, he was flawed, as humans are, he had his battles and was kind hearted. Rest his soul.

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