I Can’t Believe I Attracted This

COYOTE13+-+COMPRESSED+HAREso last night,
i decided i was going to start doing positive affirmations.
like 4real 4real this time.
after carefully hunting through the perfect positive statements,
i decided on:

“i am a magnet.
i draw all of god’s blessings to me.”

i even put a picture of a big magnet on my phone.
i wanted it to face the opposite direction.
so when i hold my phone,
it will draw my desires to me.

image501well today,
i thought i may have done something wrong
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Blah, Blah, F’n Blah

tumblr_l9ueafPgrj1qbaz71i been feeling very “blah” today.
hell i’ve felt blah for the last week and a half.
from this extremely cold weather,
( x that odd interview ) i had on tuesday,
in between blessings due to this unemployment cut off,
and just feeling tired and “ugly”,
i’m just in a “blah” state of mind right now.
no one to sex me sane,
my gym membership is overdue,
and i can’t buy anything cute or shiny.
you know its bad when i completely ignored my shows too?
so today i decided to do the following today…
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I Wanted It So Bad That I Just Put It All In My Mouth

i had half a sausage this morning and i’m still hungry…

have you eaten yet?
i mean, are you full?
i had to ask because i am starving.
i haven’t had anything fulfilling to eat in a while now.
maybe because i’m comfortable?
i don’t know…
i have noticed some of us are very hungry.
but, what are we doing?
are we waiting for some magical meal to pop out the sky?

i started to wonder…

Are you really where you need to be?

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I Guess My Blood Has A Little Chilli In It

I hate family who doesn’t do anything for you…
but can brag their asses off.


I seriously hate that shit.
They never call you to see how you are doing,
but will call you every couple of months to update you on what THEY are doing.

Just now my aunt called me,
after not hearing from her for a while,
and she commences to get on a bragging extravaganza I did not sign up for….

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My world has a series of ups and downs.
I should have a damn reality show with all this fuckery going on,
One minute, I am up and then the next,
I am somewhere on the ground floor wandering around in the lobby.
Sometimes I want to tell Satan, “Oh ok very funny! What’s next?”

… and then I realize he ain’t joking.
He is very intent on making my life hell.
Or, is it me?
Am I the cause of my own problems and I just don’t realize it?
I started to wonder:

Are these my lessons…. or my lapse in the right judgement?

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