I Can’t Believe I Attracted This

COYOTE13+-+COMPRESSED+HAREso last night,
i decided i was going to start doing positive affirmations.
like 4real 4real this time.
after carefully hunting through the perfect positive statements,
i decided on:

“i am a magnet.
i draw all of god’s blessings to me.”

i even put a picture of a big magnet on my phone.
i wanted it to face the opposite direction.
so when i hold my phone,
it will draw my desires to me.

image501well today,
i thought i may have done something wrong

today was one of the most busiest and aggravating days I’ve had in a while.
i almost felt like i was going to quit.
i said “almost”.
i’m ain’t stupid.
i even imagined myself drinking a whole bottle of wine.
did i mention that fantasy was at 10am?
i walked in this morning and before i could get settled,
my new boss is chewing my head off.
we had a lot of new deadlines due for tomorrow.
plus various meetings with a ton of clients.
it also felt like everyone else was giving me an attitude.
of course liar liar being one of them.
i called her because i needed help on something:

“i thought you didn’t need any help?”

dicksideeye… before i could respond,
the bitch hung up on me.
wild disrespect.
i let that slide.
it wasn’t another situation where i could call her back.

“hey the phone hung up.
i think we lost the connection.

well at least i’m hoping…”

225145_600she also tried to call me out in this correspondence email this afternoon.
i had to shut her down professionally.
it’s confusing why she tries to play me like this?
i always end up calling her out on the dumb shit.
other than that,
i left work exhausted.
this new department is not like my other one.
i’m slowly starting to hate it.

i had to wonder if the magnet affirmation started working tho?
maybe it drew this horrendous day to show me that i actually do want more.
i did notice how happy i was talking to a guest that came in.
the guest actually works at one of the biggest fashion magazines in the world.
we were talking about different things going on in entertainment.
i was able to talk about something which actually involved their company as well.
i knew things they were surprised i knew.
um i’m jamari fox.
this situations make me feel like i’m wasting away behind a desk.
taking orders and battling a bobble head around the corner.
god i hope not.

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6 thoughts on “I Can’t Believe I Attracted This”

  1. You got to hang in there man. There are millions of people who hate there job, but they have to tolerate it because of the economy. You got to have thick skin in the world nowadays. You know what type of person liar liar is, so her treatment towards you should not be a surprise anymore. You know what to expect, just be prepared for it, and you will be fine.

  2. I don’t think you are wasting your time, I think you are going thorough this as a stepping stone to bigger and better things. Just remember when things are getting tough, think of the positive things around the corner coming your way. ( if that doesn’t help soaking inna tub with a little self pleasure does wonders lol)

  3. You definitely have to look at the bigger picture; oftentimes we look at what is right in front of us and that distracts us from our ultimate goals; easier said than done but we must look passed the here and now and focus on tommorrow in the big sense. Anytime you have to deal with people there will be chance for some mess. My approach: two tears in a bucket (vent to someone you trust); fuck it (then let it go)….looks like you’re on the right track here by releasing it in this post now let it go. Lastly; and I’m not preaching but I truly believe in speaking those things we desire into existence. My current job which is at a prestigious university is one that I claimed before I even applied for a job. I would tell my close friends that I’m going to be working there soon and pursuing my graduate degree for free (one of the benes). Less than 1 year later I’m doing just that!!! Speak it; believe it and it shall come to past…..HOTEP!

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