Fox In The Snowy City

on all the days,
i had to schedule a big job interview during a muthafucka of a snow storm.
one to bring more inches than i like…

so remember i blogged i had a job interview via skype last year before i went to florida?
well it finally came though.
since the interview was at 9am and down in by riverfront,
i woke up at 5:45.
i know the mta and bad weather all to well.
i put out a grey blazer,
white dress shirt,
dark grey dress pants,
and my loafers.
trey-songz-05…but with socks.
i also packed my boots in my bag because i heard “potential shit storm around 11am”.
i ate a jimmy dean breakfast sausage egg and cheese sandwich
(one of which i threw up due to nerves),
and dressed by 730.
when i walked outside,
it was brick as hell.

kirki mean like,
“wtf and why is this happening????????” type of cold.
when i got to my spot,
the snow was already starting to coming down hard.
i guess i was black while trying to hail a cab.
google maps took me in a complete circle,
but i made to the office at 8:58.
i checked in and waited.
the office was really spacious.
the aura was “calm” with all kinds of plants everywhere.
when the person i was meeting with came out,
i noticed his body language looked very agitated.
i tried to break the ice as i try to do and it was…

he looked over my resume and still couldn’t read him.

“so introduce yourself…” he said, looking at the wall.

i tried to answer all his questions the best i could,
but he was acting real… off.
at times when i finished,
i found myself having to fill in the awkward silences.

“do i really want this man as my boss?” i said to myself.

there was one point when i was talking,
he completely blanked out and started looking around the room.
like, random “i heard a voice to my left” type of crazy.
afterwards i shook his hand and thanked him for meeting with me.
i went to the bathroom,
changed into my boots,
transformed into “winter fox”,
and was back to the crib.
i did my best today.
he got someone who wanted the job.
anything else is on him.
hell i been to interviews where the person was excited and i didn’t get even a call.
the research i did on the company seems like it’s a great place to work.
i am thinking “paycheck” and not “happiness” tho.
i mean a job is a job,
don’t me wrong,
but these companies are starting to reaffirm what i want to do with my life.
i keep saying to myself that i want more every time i’m in the waiting area.
maybe i do need to look into making my blogging/writing a career?

i did document some stuff on my journey.
this particularly:

IMG_0447it was 20 degrees.
why does he have on shorts?
laundry day?

i came in the crib,
stripped down to my drawz,
and went to sleep.
before i turned my phone off,
i got an email from a vixen about a job at a huge entertainment company.
they were looking for an administrative assistant ASAP so she forwarded my resume.
now THAT

tumblr_mccsd8QJ4Y1qal3lwo1_400i want that.

“live, work, create” is from one of my favorite hipster-ish stores,
( x brooklyn industries ).
ironically i got my winter coat from them and it is one of the warmest coats i own.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

10 thoughts on “Fox In The Snowy City”

  1. Well, that guy sounded like he was an asshole. Nah, that wasn’t for you, especially with a boss like him.

    I know you want that entertainment job man, I hope you get it.

    The snow is coming down everywhere, it’s pretty, but I know the travelers are having a fit lol.

  2. I hope you get both jobs and have a dilemma on which one to choose.

    Not to be racist but I don’t think light-skin people get cold.

  3. There’s no better joy than working in a place or industry that you love; where it’s not about the finances that much but the passion and drive for doing what you love. But I believe that you would get what you’re looking for. Those blessings are gonna hit you like a ton of bricks. Good luck J!

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