“Hey Job Interview! I’m Tryna Sleep Ova Here!”

i haven’t been sleeping.
i wake up at odd hours during the night.
what i think is morning is really 2am.
last night,
i woke up at around 3am.
since i couldn’t get back to sleep,
i decided to send out a few resumes.
i think my body is internally worried.
one job in particular stood out

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The Job Interview This Morning on Week “14 out of 25”

i nearly ran out the door without my folder.
it’s the one i like to keep my resumes in.
i had to get to staples asap because i had no resumes printed either.
it was going to be a very busy morning,
but i was so excited for this interview today.
this morning.
this is why i tell everyone don’t burn bridges
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Let’s Talk About The Interview


was almost late.
i couldn’t find the building.
the thing with new yawk streets,
the actual address might be around the corner.
so you might be going to “jones street”,
but the actually entrance could be around the block.
thank god for google maps.
how did animals find shit before then?

when i got into the office,
i noticed how nice the decor was.
the view was also amazing from the conference room.
it was a much smaller office than the one i’m in now…
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