“Hey Job Interview! I’m Tryna Sleep Ova Here!”

i haven’t been sleeping.
i wake up at odd hours during the night.
what i think is morning is really 2am.
last night,
i woke up at around 3am.
since i couldn’t get back to sleep,
i decided to send out a few resumes.
i think my body is internally worried.
one job in particular stood out


so i sent a resume not expecting anything in particular.
before i went back to bed,
i said in my head:

i need a miracle.
i need the perfect job,
with the perfect hours,
perfect commute,
perfect boss and coworkers,
and perfect pay.
i need an answer in 48 hours”

i was awakened to my phone going off.
mi was the first call.
she was having money issues and needed advice.
after i got off the phone with her,
i tried to go back to sleep,
but the phone rang about 20 minutes later.

“i need not be this popular at 9am…”

the next was a job lead.
the same one about the executive receptionist.
the universe is showing out today…
the wolf on the line gave me a quick interview.
we arranged a skype interview that afternoon.
i spoke with him,
his co worker,
and boss.
they loved my resume and my vibe.
i liked theirs.
they also liked that i dressed up for the skype interview.
i wasn’t wearing pants,
but they don’t need to know that.
they want me to take a power point/outlook test.
outlook will be easy.
i don’t know about that power point though.
i’ll do my best.
they should have word by the end of the week.
let’s hope something amazing happens!

lowkey: if the universe answered my question that fast,
i want bigger.
i want a successful blogging career,
kiing lawrence,

a sexy baller wolf,
perfect health,
clear glowing skin,
great relationships/greater sex,

and unlimited money always in steady flow.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

16 thoughts on ““Hey Job Interview! I’m Tryna Sleep Ova Here!””

  1. Make a list of EVERYTHING you want! Even down to the most miniscule thing. Ask for it all so even if you don’t get everything, you get some of the things you’re looking for.

    Good luck Jamari!

  2. Fingers crossed, I really really like really really really hope you get this job and everything else you desire.

  3. Powerpoint isn’t that difficult to use. Maybe it’s easier for my generation since we had to use it for years in school, but even if you are not that familiar with it, it’s easy to learn. I say practice it and you can even load it up on the foxhole or email a foxholer for feedback and critiques. Just do your best and your research. Oh and congrats! Praying it always works out for you.


  4. Definitely sending positiveness your way and hoping you get this. Try not to stress over it the whole week or it will go by slower.

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