So Justine Ruszcky (White) Was Gunned Down By #bluelivesmatter Today…

snow bunny gets shot down by hunters in alley”
hunters = new foxhole term for police.
sounds about right.
well everyone say goodbye to justine ruszcky.
this is the story via the daily mail

An Australian woman was dressed in her pyjamas when American police gunned her down, harrowing new details surrounding her death have revealed.

Justine Damond, who also uses the name Justine Ruszczyk, was at home on Saturday night when she called 911 to report a noise and a possible assault in an alley in South Minneapolis, Minnesota.

While police did not have body cameras switched on during the shooting, sources with knowledge of the incident claim the officers arrived at the alley at 11.30pm on Saturday night.

Ms Damond reportedly walked up to the car and began talking to the driver when an officer in the passenger seat pulled a gun and shot her through the drivers side door. No weapon was discovered at the scene, the Star Tribune reports.

the dash cams were off?
this is very weird.
the hunter who killed her was an somali-american.
his name is mohammed noor:

Mohamed Noor, who joined the department in March 2015, reached over and shot Justine Damond, 40, multiple times from the passenger seat of his squad car while she spoke to his colleague on the drivers side in a back alley.

Noor, 31, who is the first Somali-American police officer in his precinct, has in the past been personally praised by Minneapolis Mayor Betsy Hodges.

He also holds a degree in administration and economics. 

i can hear the grill cooking and bus revving for him now.

this is going to a mess.
i’m waiting to see all the “#alllivesmatter” hastags.
you know they like to throw those up when it’s one of “us”.
i found the following video interesting from fox news tho:

if the narrative was different…
i’ll be polite and font it’s a shame the hunters are so “gun happy” these days.
anytime i see them,
i get so uneasy.
i’m ready to fall to the ground and scream:


i’m being real.
this is the same day eric garner was murdered as well.
may she rip.

articles cc: daily mail | daily mail

7 thoughts on “So Justine Ruszcky (White) Was Gunned Down By #bluelivesmatter Today…

  1. I haven’t read them myself but from what I’ve heard, FBI statistics support that whites have been and continue to be victims of police brutality as well. Just that it isn’t reported in the media (media likes keeping the black v white divide going. good for business… And I can say from personal experience, most of my bad run ins with the police have been with Black officers. Point being, the issue can run deeper than race.

    1. @Butter…Where I live, I can count the number of black police officers on two hands, and from what I’ve heard from people that have interacted with them…they were straight up white boys with black skin. Sad as hell.

  2. May she rest in peace and condolences to the family…but now watch the uproar begin.
    Were this a black person, it would be like oh well. But this is going to cause some heads to roll.

  3. This is so senseless, but this is exactly what black people have warning against. Police brutally isn’t just a black people problem. Today it’s black people but tomorrow it’s everyone. I hope this shooting will change things but I doubt it. My thought and prayers go out to this woman’s loved ones.

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