tyrese wants you to know it’s dark and his bedroom is hot

i was very lukewarm to tyrese when he first came out,
something about him turned me off and i didn’t know what.
one of my favorite songs of his is “sweet lady” tho.
as he became successful,
i started to fuck with him because of “baby boy” and his role on “fast and the furious“.
he plays “cocky and dumb wolf” really well.
not only that,
he’s packin’ a serious tail too…

over the years tho,
he has let his weird-ass attentionisto behavior ruin the fantasy.
some folks just should never speak.
his alleged home remedy for the rona doesn’t help make him less weird either…

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that binaural beats me to sleep, daddy

like i fonted,
yesterday i was tired.
i went to bed at 7am from playing video games to waking up at 10am.
i’m thinking it’s 3 in the afternoon.
10 am.
i stayed up pretty much the whole day,
but i wanted to go to bed at a decent hour.
for whatever reason,
i was tired,
but i couldn’t fall asleep.
i had a lot of my mind tbh.
one of my wolf homeboys introduced me to this thing he recently used for insomnia.
i take melatonin,
but it wears me out in the day.
he said it was this youtube video that helped him crash and stay sleep
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“Hey Job Interview! I’m Tryna Sleep Ova Here!”

i haven’t been sleeping.
i wake up at odd hours during the night.
what i think is morning is really 2am.
last night,
i woke up at around 3am.
since i couldn’t get back to sleep,
i decided to send out a few resumes.
i think my body is internally worried.
one job in particular stood out

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“We’re Expecting Twins… and My Hubby Likes The Menz”


not with kevin trollin’ for male company as his wife sleeps on that love seat…
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When James Harden Wakes Up…

enhanced-buzz-27752-1342885569-5nba baller wolf,
james harden,
likes to sleep.
well after a night of alleged ratchet fun,
he didn’t realize one of his whores was going to catch him sleep
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Screen Shot 2014-09-03 at 7.42.50 AMi don’t want to get up yet…

lowkey: this is how i sleep strangely enough.
add my laptop at the corner of the bed and
there ya go…