that binaural beats me to sleep, daddy

like i fonted,
yesterday i was tired.
i went to bed at 7am from playing video games to waking up at 10am.
i’m thinking it’s 3 in the afternoon.
10 am.
i stayed up pretty much the whole day,
but i wanted to go to bed at a decent hour.
for whatever reason,
i was tired,
but i couldn’t fall asleep.
i had a lot of my mind tbh.
one of my wolf homeboys introduced me to this thing he recently used for insomnia.
i take melatonin,
but it wears me out in the day.
he said it was this youtube video that helped him crash and stay sleep

binaural beats.
i put my headphones on and turned my lights off.

I was knocked out in 10 minutes

i don’t know if it was the rain sounds mixed in,
but the music felt so calming.
i have written to binaural beats,
but i never fell asleep to them.
i woke up today like “huh?“.
now if only it could help this depression i woke up with today too.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

6 thoughts on “that binaural beats me to sleep, daddy”

  1. There is also a song called Weightless that will put you to sleep quickly.

  2. I’d definitely try “Meditative Mind” channel on YouTube. It has sleep playlists as well as others for positive thinking/removing negative thoughts, etc.

  3. You should try some of the mixes on Spotify too. They do wonders. I know it’s may sound cheesy but with the depression, have you tried adjusting your diet? I deal with depression too and I read that food that are yellow and orange in color are supposed to help with it. So I’ve added peppers and citrus fruits. It may not do everything but I’m all about life hacks and tricks. You’re in my prayers man.

    1. ^thank you wylie.

      i may need to up my 🍌 and 🍊.
      hopefully tho emojis came through of a banana and an orange lol
      i’m gonna check out the spotify lists!

  4. Oooooo I love sleep sounds. saves ☺️ I mainly use ASMR, that shit be having a playa knocked OUT.

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