“We’re Expecting Twins… and My Hubby Likes The Menz”


not with kevin trollin’ for male company as his wife sleeps on that love seat…

i don’t understand why he was so eager to bring cubs in this world,
but is secretly on the dl.
i guess to keep up appearances and make the wife happy.
TAOcgfU“greenleaf” is getting so good.
i am hooked.

lowkey: ima need the kerissa to not steal no one news like that tho.
slammin’ phones on the table.
she could have well slammed it on his head.

picture credited: greenleaf | own

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

12 thoughts on ““We’re Expecting Twins… and My Hubby Likes The Menz””

  1. I’m catching up on it day just got done with episode 2 hours ago gonna catch up with the rest tonight

  2. I definitely am intrested in seeing where this storyline goes. Jamari, even though he is downlow does not mean he doesn’t want children. You even have gay men who are out of closet who still want kids.

  3. The show is great so far, I am not going to lie I didn’t have high expectations for it but Oprah is bringing it. By the way Kevin is fine.

  4. I’m waiting on the episode where the church sermon will be about the sin of homosexuality. If the writers are true to the game, they will not hold back. Paint these people as they truly are! A bunch of bigoted hypocrites who use tax exemptions to live lavish lifestyles.

    Maybe Bishop Eddie Long will make a cameo appearance 😆

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