tyrese wants you to know it’s dark and his bedroom is hot

i was very lukewarm to tyrese when he first came out,
something about him turned me off and i didn’t know what.
one of my favorite songs of his is “sweet lady” tho.
as he became successful,
i started to fuck with him because of “baby boy” and his role on “fast and the furious“.
he plays “cocky and dumb wolf” really well.
not only that,
he’s packin’ a serious tail too…

over the years tho,
he has let his weird-ass attentionisto behavior ruin the fantasy.
some folks just should never speak.
his alleged home remedy for the rona doesn’t help make him less weird either…


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90 degrees???????

i can’t sleep in anything hot.
i’m the one who will have a fan going in winter.
white noise + i love being cold.

i’m confused tho.
he started off talking about rona remedies and went into loyalty.
that’s the weird-ass shit i be talmbout from him.
i hope he is everything in bed because i know his wife be getting an earful.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

6 thoughts on “tyrese wants you to know it’s dark and his bedroom is hot”

  1. The ass pic has me! Wow so smooth and even toned lol
    But he’s a demon so I’m not suprised he’s probably used to Hell ish temperatures

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