one of the foxholers took my virginity last week

the holidays are a tough time for many of us.
this year,
during the wonderful world of the rona,
it took seasonal depression into overdrive.

I’m going through one of the worst seasonal depressions ever.

i’ve literally been dragging my paws on many things.
ask me when i’m watching “the undoing” rather than sleeping in?

when i started the podcast,
i always wanted to make sure we could have good fox talk about issues like this.

I had my first foxholer on the podcast as a guest last week!

who has been following me since ’09,
was the first to grace the foxhole podcast about this rona-rific holiday season…

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you can say that blue popped my guest foxholer cherry on the podcast.
i’m so happy that he joined and shared his knowledge with us.

this week will be the winter finale before we resume next year.
 “non-corporate girls“,
which pose is 1/2 on,
will be coming on for a chat on 1/9.
after that,
we have 2 more foxholers as guests that i’m so excited to bring on.
i want to thank all the foxhole who tunes in to my podcast every week.
you know it’s very much appreciated.

please follow blue on his twitter: here

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

3 thoughts on “one of the foxholers took my virginity last week”

  1. Jamari, thank you again for allowing me to come onto your podcast – I truly enjoyed talking with you and Karaoke. I hope everyone enjoys the episode – I can’t wait to listen!

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