“my name is not blackarazzi, bitch.” (nope, his name is carlton jordan!)

i was nervous,
and had a shit ton of anxiety,
when i spoke to carlton jordan on the podcast last week.
he is the creator of “poz roz” that we fonted about ( x here ).
as you know,
he is one of my blogging heroes and i was shook.
you can tell when the podcast started that i was star struck.
i know ima be a mess when i meet rihanna.
as the conversation flowed,
i started to get comfortable and everything unraveled nicely.
we talked about everything from his beginnings as a blogger on carltonjordan.com,
being on red carpets with rude stars as “blackarazzi“,
and how “poz roz” came about.
we even discussed that sex scene in the show too…

i mean…

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one of the foxholers took my virginity last week

the holidays are a tough time for many of us.
this year,
during the wonderful world of the rona,
it took seasonal depression into overdrive.

I’m going through one of the worst seasonal depressions ever.

i’ve literally been dragging my paws on many things.
ask me when i’m watching “the undoing” rather than sleeping in?

when i started the podcast,
i always wanted to make sure we could have good fox talk about issues like this.

I had my first foxholer on the podcast as a guest last week!

who has been following me since ’09,
was the first to grace the foxhole podcast about this rona-rific holiday season…

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guest needed for upcoming podcast discussion!

ever since my cousin hybrid joined the podcast,
it has been jokes and great conversation.
this week’s discussion was so on point,
one of my close friends testified and got emotional over it.
we tackled “needs vs wants“.
( x listen on your favorite podcast player here )
well this week,
 i have a request for a topic and need a potential guest(s)

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