“my name is not blackarazzi, bitch.” (nope, his name is carlton jordan!)

i was nervous,
and had a shit ton of anxiety,
when i spoke to carlton jordan on the podcast last week.
he is the creator of “poz roz” that we fonted about ( x here ).
as you know,
he is one of my blogging heroes and i was shook.
you can tell when the podcast started that i was star struck.
i know ima be a mess when i meet rihanna.
as the conversation flowed,
i started to get comfortable and everything unraveled nicely.
we talked about everything from his beginnings as a blogger on carltonjordan.com,
being on red carpets with rude stars as “blackarazzi“,
and how “poz roz” came about.
we even discussed that sex scene in the show too…

i mean…

x stream on other podcast services here

i loved that there was a lot of juice being spilled in all this convo too.
i’m waiting for carlton to drop them memoirs.
i know they are gonna be juicy and ima needs me a cup.

thanks in advance for tuning in and supporting all of the foxhole!

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check out: poz roz

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

3 thoughts on ““my name is not blackarazzi, bitch.” (nope, his name is carlton jordan!)”

  1. Congrats Fox on starting to work with the people you truly admire. This is just the beginning for you. I wholeheartedly believe that. Still praying for your continued success.

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