have you caught up with the webseries, “poz roz”, yet or…?

How would you react if you were to be diagnosed with HIV?

i know…
what a way to start an entry but it’s a legit question.
many of us like to live dangerously “until“.

sidebar: you ever notice people will be nasty and rude af,
but as soon as they catch something or get diagnosed with a permanent illness,
suddenly they want to be sweet and dandy like cotton candy?

life shouldn’t have to humble someone in order for them to be a decent human.
no one feels sorry for the asshole when they get humbled.

those were just one of the many thoughts i had while watching someone’s art.
good art should inspire you to think.
it should move some kind of inspiration.
carlton jordan,
one of my hereos in this content creating business,
created that with his web series titled “poz roz“…

poz roz” is the story of a vixen named rozzlyn mayweather,
played by chauntae pink,
and her life after contracting hiv.
it showed many different sides of how hiv not only changes your life but others around you.
i love how it had a balance of humor and seriousness for millenials to understand.
i love when shows speak to us very loudly.
even better news?

Cartlon is joining me on my podcast this week to discuss all.

i’m so excited to have this conversation with him.
cartlon has been an inspiration for me on his journey in blogging and content creating.
you know i love a good vet/war hero.
when someone makes it after their many wars,
it helps you to keep going on this battlefield called life.

i want the foxhole to check out “poz roz” because it’ssuper dope and i know you’ll like it.
it’s free on youtube and here is where you can start your journey:


x check out every episode here

x learn more about cartlon jordan here

follow cartlon on: twitter | instagram

lowkey: i feel like folks gonna treat the vaccine like prep.
if i do get the vaccine,
ima still keeps the protections ons.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

9 thoughts on “have you caught up with the webseries, “poz roz”, yet or…?”

  1. Is there a place to process this show. Roz was so ungrateful and a user. Talk about female toxicity. Stacy should have surrounded himself with better people, the treatment he received was heartbreaking.

  2. Jamari, thank you for the referral to watch this series. It Is great. Great acting. Great directing. Great writing. I watched all 12 or 13 episodes (which are about 15 minutes each) within two days.

    I hope that there is more than 13 episodes but it seems unlikely. Thank you again.

  3. It doesn’t hurt that Carlton is sexy AF. But the show is refreshing and thought-provoking in many ways.i binge-watched it in one afternoon!

  4. There is a guy in this cast that was on the fresh beat band, I know that because every time I see him my brain fully registers him as the guy from that. I’m definitely adding this to my rotation of web shows to watch.

  5. Ok, already the first 2mins I’m hooked. Love the cinematography and graphics and the story line. I can tell this is grade A quality and without the typical bad acting found in other Youtube series. This is HBO quality and I hope they pick it up. Thank you J.

  6. Wow, I think I used to chat w/ Carlton waaay back in the day on Black Planet when I first began “in the life” in college and he was just starting his career, then I remember him movin’ to LA and we lost contact… Great to see he’s doin’ big things now!

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