andrew gillum was out here on grindr? (is my baller wolf husband on grindr too?)

the body language in this shot is interesting to me.
 i thought we were done with the andrew gillum story?
he got caught up on the other side of a gay sex scandal,
went through his atonement,
and ended up being a hero to bisexuals in relations with vixens everywhere.
we needed more to this story,
i guess.
andrew had a big feature in this month’s “gq” magazine.
 travis dyson recounts his side of the story on “that night in the miami beach hotel”.
this is what he had to share…

In the GQ feature, released digitally on Thursday, one of the men, Travis Dyson, tells reporter Wesley Lowery that he had met Gillum a week or two before the March 2020 hotel room incident on the gay-dating app Grindr and that the two “had met up multiple times for paid sexual encounters.” Dyson also alleged that he and Gillum had used drugs in the hotel.

According to GQ’s interview with Dyson, “Andrew passed out after taking ‘G,’ an ecstasy-type drug often used by gay men to enhance their sex drives, which when combined with alcohol can knock people out. He said that on that night and others, both he and Andrew used ‘G’ and other drugs.”

Gillum has maintained he never used methamphetamine before that night — or that night in the Mondrian with Dyson or anyone else in that room.

The Miami Herald reached out to both Gillum and Dyson by telephone for comment. Voicemail on both phones were full and could not take messages.

i’m still gonna maintain in my head he was set up by his enemies.
something about this story still smells rank to me.
what i found interesting is how celebs hide among us.
they are like the imposters on the game with the same name.
you’ll be surprised who lurks and creeps in the shadows like regula degulas.
it’s no shock that males who are dl and discreet make burners to hunt.
celebs will have a whole pr person running their social medias,
but they themselves are under finstas on their personal phones.
they don’t have the luxury of freedom like we do.
beyonce might be cuttin’ up on social media in disguise and you’ll never know.

when a male’s little head fills up with blood,
we don’t think very clearly.
we usually get some kind of common sense during post nut clarity.
the problem with people like andrew is they get messy to the point of no return.
that is how males get caught up in the first place.
they bypass all and go straight to:

Now you know you shouldn’t be messing with this person.
You should fuckin’ know.

if this never happened

Would Andrew still be hiding in the shadows,
lurking on Grindr,
and being reckless af?

life has a way of answering those “what if” questions for ya.

lowkey: i bet the sex between andrew and travis must have been hot.
travis is a true ho-fessional.
( x as you can see here )
i bet you he wore andrew tf out with his sex drive.

article cc: miami herald

read the entire article on gq: here

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

15 thoughts on “andrew gillum was out here on grindr? (is my baller wolf husband on grindr too?)”

  1. The beard works for him and for me.
    I definitely feel like this was a setup.
    I truly feel that he will still be out there, just more carefully now.
    I wish him well. For all the mess, at least he didn’t go the total denial route and admitted his same sex attraction.

  2. He better start making the dudes sign a NDA if he gonna be out there.

    He going to mess around and somebody going to secretly record them together, then sell tape to TMZ. That’s why I don’t meet anybody on a dating app for a hookup, unless it’s going down at my place. You’re not going to be making your only fans content off of me.

  3. They say what’s done in the dark. Kudos to Andrew for admitting his truth but too bad he has a penchant for white boys that he feels would conflict with his political image. Maybe him and his wife have an understanding/arrangement? I am definitely picking up with my third eye that Tyson the snow bunny ran his mouth about Andrew being one of his clients like “Guuurl you wouldnt believe who I was smashing last night” and word got out to one of Gillum’s political rivals, who then paid Tyson to set him up and then, the rest was history. I kinda feel sorry for Andrew because he has political ambitions and feels like he needs a dark skinned black wife to play the part to boost his image with black voters while he has his fun with his white boy toys on the side (Im sure the wife is getting hers too. She wants the “husband and kids” life so she’ll willing to play the part.) Anyway, if they like it, I love it. Who am I or anyone of us to judge? Andrew aint humping on me or any one of yall any time soon (well, maybe if you’re a white snow bunny). I dunno. I dont think he stopped living the double life. He just learned to be extra careful about covering his tracks when he goes hunting for snow bunnies in the forests. But like I said previously, what’s done in the dark, will come to the light eventually. Hope he dont end up getting secretly recorded and then there’s an actual tape that gets leaked. SMH

      1. Okay! I keeps it real and dont tell no lies. Gillum and his wife wanna be the next Barack and Michelle so badly. But see, when you not living in your truth, especially in this age of Aquarius-like era of accountability and atonement, you not gone get far with the old shenanigans and fake stuff. Why you think all these people getting exposed and/or exposing themselves?

  4. He looks really great w/ that facial hair tbh. I really think he should set up an NDA because this tea keeps coming out and it’s looking real messy.

  5. Pretty good interview with Andrew and his wife about how they met in college and dated on and off for years.Andrew wanted to come out about his bisexuality years ago in 2014 when he ran for mayor but his wife and political advisor said No.I wonder if he came out 5,10 years ago if he would had a political career for as long as he did ?

    I’m not shocked he met Dyson on Grindr because he was vague when Tamron Hall asked how he knew Dyson.I think it’s interesting that Dyson said the third guy in the room was another client who had never met Andrew but had showed up for a separate appointment.Also Dyson was engaged when the incident happened and claims they are separated and he had to leave his nursing program.He pays his bills by selling nudes and Onlyfans.

    Sometimes I watch Andrew and his wife R Jai on his IG and they seem to be great friends and there is love so if their relationship works for them that’s all that matters.

    1. Right! He just likes the white boy toys and he scared that if he was trying to run for political office with a white boy on his arm, he would lose black votes. He created his own mess.

  6. I just checked Travis Dyson’s IG. Apparently, he is in the process of writing a book. And I hope Gillum gets a huge cut from this clown. Just goes to show you why you don’t mess with snow queens.

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