“if it ain’t one thing…”

I’m so sad Jamari…

as the saying goes:

“If it ain’t one thing…”

my friend,
has had a tough few months.
we have those moments in life where nothing seems to go right.
it literally is one thing after the other.
we are in a constant washing machine of bs.
for her,
there was the car accident that gave her ptsd last year.
the police said it was her fault and it was looking like she would have to pay up.
she has since worked through all of those issues for a positive end.
last week…

Her nephew of 7 months passed of SIDS

for those who don’t know,
SIDS is “sudden infant death syndrome“.
he suffocated in his crib.
i don’t have kids but the thought of waking up and seeing that is terrifying.
i can only imagine what she and her family are going through.

two weeks before this,
she was on the ski slopes with her wolf-friend.
she got a huge promotion at her job as well.
one that would afford her more money and bigger responsibilities.
this week,
her family is crumbling from grief and they are trying to plan a funeral.
you never know when life will change in an instant.
you’re good today and a mess tomorrow.
it’s the challenges we are sent that will test us for whatever is to come next.
i’m sending my love to one of my dearest friends and her family.
may her nephew sleep peacefully.

Author: jamari fox

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4 thoughts on ““if it ain’t one thing…””

  1. I have a friend who lost her 3 month old to SIDS a couple of years ago. I can’t imagine what these parents go through.

  2. Just fyi: SIDS is not the result of suffocation. It is when a baby suddenly and inexplicably just stops breathing in their sleep. No one knows what causes this.

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