“if it ain’t one thing…”

I’m so sad Jamari…

as the saying goes:

“If it ain’t one thing…”

my friend,
has had a tough few months.
we have those moments in life where nothing seems to go right.
it literally is one thing after the other.
we are in a constant washing machine of bs.
for her,
there was the car accident that gave her ptsd last year.
the police said it was her fault and it was looking like she would have to pay up.
she has since worked through all of those issues for a positive end.
last week…

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fancy’s defining moment has changed her life forever

we have defining moments in our lives that can change the dynamic in a snap.
i’ve been there.
i didn’t realize the impact of losing my parentals and best friend would have on me.
one of my best friends is experiencing a defining moment now…

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did lizzo forget iggy azalea was on that “fancy” song too?

do we still listen to iggy azalea?
i never did.
she never could rap to me:

…and her lack of humility turned me off.
lizzo seems to have forgotten her as well.
it’s getting her dragged by iggy stans.
i didn’t know she was still poppin’ like that.
she posted this on her twitter today:

which caused iggy to allegedly respond and then delete

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i decided to have a fancy get together in the pleasure hole tonight.
very strict dressed code.
no sneakers, jeans, or t shirts.
i invited all the finest foxes, hybrids, and wolves in the concrete forest.
ones who know how to dress.
i couldn’t decided between light or dark meat as my date tonight…

so why not both?

but why don’t you go to the bathroom….

i think someone you may like is getting ready to come out…

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