did lizzo forget iggy azalea was on that “fancy” song too?

do we still listen to iggy azalea?
i never did.
she never could rap to me:

…and her lack of humility turned me off.
lizzo seems to have forgotten her as well.
it’s getting her dragged by iggy stans.
i didn’t know she was still poppin’ like that.
she posted this on her twitter today:

which caused iggy to allegedly respond and then delete

( x screen shot taken here )

i mean,
even tho it is her track,
i couldn’t tell you one verse of hers from it.
charli killed it with her parts.
while lizzo was getting dragged on her end,
iggy opened herself up to criticism as well.
her whole timeline is her addressing this “whatever this is“:


So what is she doing with her life these days?

i feel like i only know her for getting dragged on social.

7 thoughts on “did lizzo forget iggy azalea was on that “fancy” song too?

  1. No mtter if she was jocking or real mad, she’s right on this one. It’s HER song and lizzo was shady for that tweet. We may not like someone but we need to be objective, for anyone, seing someone else getting credits for your work you’ll feel some type of way.

    1. Well while you’re at cancel the rest of these female rappers who have said degrading shit about Women and Black People yet still have careers. Y’all pick and choose when you want to cancel someone

      1. Nice try Malcolm. I don’t feature ANY of these straight female rappers EXCEPT Lizzo. When they perform at Pride and don’t see gay men as fashion accessories, let me know. Don’t ever include me in “Y’all”. I cancel them like a bounced check.

      1. Iggy Azalea – D.R.U.G.S feat YG
        “Tire marks, tire marks, finish line with the fire marks When it really starts I’m a runaway slave-master”

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