being an attentionisto got you suckin’ your own pipe now?

if you’re gonna do the route of being an attentionisto,
i beg of you:

Be the humble one

nothing worst than having nothing to offer than your bawdy,
but being a total dick once you get a little fame.
even if you have talent,
being cool and kind will get you mad far in these forests.
it’s not attractive to be an asshole with a big (or small) dick.
i remember when this attentionisto was stripping and fuckin’ hoes online.
of course,
he had alleged rumors of being homophobic.
now he’s sitting on a lawn chair,
peeing on himself,
and sucking his own pipe…


it’s crazy when they’re screaiming “no gay shit”,
but end up doing “gay shit” for money.
it’s even worst when they have no choice than to get smutted out by rich white males.

this is their morals and soul weeping during the cheek clapping.

i use to think this other one was cool af.
when he was “up and coming“,
i could hit him up and he’d respond.
it wasn’t even on some sexual shit either.
after he started getting a little too big,
i randomly hit him up and he curved tf outta me.
now he’s doing this:


is that sexy?
he doesn’t look as vibrant as before.
he seems to have lost his glow too.
that mustache gotta go thatta way —–>
others seem to feel the same.
one of my fav foxholers said to me about him:

“He’s the use for dick type of guy and move on.
The flare he used to have is gone. T
he rumors about his attitude and cockiness destroyed him”

if this is true,
i hate to see it.
folks gonna learn to stop:

a) being homophobic to your fan base

b) destroying the relationships with those who fuck heavy with you

those two things take away years from your shelf life.
folks need to get it together.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

25 thoughts on “being an attentionisto got you suckin’ your own pipe now?”

  1. Idk the first one and I need to see him in a better light because that was disgusting. I’m not into watching you piss.

    The second one is bae but he looks a retarded hairy mess. His penis is a work of art. It’s just beautiful and makes your mouth water on sight.

  2. There was rumor about Mr. El He got a hand job from another man at those Exotic painting shows There were a video of it I seen it but I wanna know where that video is

  3. Wow! I’m speechless oh how the mighty have fallen. I remember you showcasing these guys on your blog years ago I didn’t know they were nasty acting individuals how sad when you think about it. But on a side note is the dark-skinned guy bi? Cause when he raised them legs up looks like brotha man been playing for the other team 🤔 I wouldn’t be surprised if times done got hard he had to sell a lil bussy every now and again.😂🍆

  4. When I first saw that vid of EL on Twitter, I zeroed right in on his hole. It looks like it got fucked, not pegged, but actually fucked by a dick, several times I might add.

    1. @johnwjones967

      That hole looks disgusting. First of all, it’s shaved which is an absolute NO NO for any man in my book. Secondly, it looks like somebody has been using it to open Wormholes to distant Galaxies. Launching space ships and satellites through that bussy.

  5. Social media really got these dudes and chicks all fucked up. They really think they are the “be all, end all” and start acting brand new…

  6. He did all of that and only got 26 likes. TRAGIC. If you’re going to do all of that, you need to go viral and break the internet.

    The thing people forget…is that there is nothing new under the sun. Constantly trying to up the ante when we can pull up a nude body in 2 seconds doesn’t cut it. After you’re naked..what then? Keep something for keep people curious.

    Try being creative. Having something to keep people coming back. The second guy looked stupid dancing.

  7. I dnt know HOW these people are/ever where looked at as the “high or mighty”??? Porn does NOT pay well, and it ESPECIALLY does not pay well if you are 1.Male 2.Black, I’m surprised people STILL don’t know this, but most of all it doesn’t have Longevity! People are only gonna pay to see you but so many times, nobody’s paying to see the same dick for 2 years 🤷🏾‍♂️ And unfortunately it permanently tarnishes your ability to do ANYTHING else, cause someone will ALWAYS find it and bring it up, so many people just get “trapped” doing it & it IS SAD….you CANNOT tell me XL looks impassioned, happy, or fulfilled doing what he’s doing in that video above..

  8. You know, surprisingly, this OnlyFans epidemic has made cherish modesty. It is weird, after you’ve seen all their goods, the veil of mystery is torn and you eventually get bored by these attentionistos and the content they produce…

    I know the money’s good. According to the Pansexual Pisces (aye #piscesgang), he made over 20k thus far this year…you no not a damn dime is going to taxes. LOL I can only imagine how much money these other cats are raking in, like Rhyheim Shabazz who’s out here pipin’ every name IN and AROUND the business.

    So many young black gay men are out here using the 8+ inches between their legs as a way to make easy money…I mean, in a way I can’t blame them. What young man wouldn’t want to have a ton of sex and get paid doing it? But, the risks and ramifications are far too steep for such a fleeting income stream…

  9. Now why did I think you were talking about Marshall Price…DWRCL he fit the description so perfectly. DWL….

    1. @Seri

      Marshall Price has a OnlyFans page and his followers are getting bored with his content. All he posts are photos of his big dick and nothings else. Marshall is also trying to run away from those ass and bootyhole videos he did years ago. Which is why he won’t post any photos or videos of his ass on his OnlyFans account. It makes him look low key homophobic and insecure.

      Btw, stay away from Seth Holbrook’s OnlyFans page. He’s a fucking scammer.

  10. I don’t know who the first guy is but meh….Now the second one. Jeramie, I remember crushing heavily on him back in the day. His dick is the prettiest I’ve seen on a man so far. The The size and the way it swings when he moves…The shaft & head just look like it was put together to make the world a better a place …Not gonna lie. Smack that right across my jaw…oh wait…

    However, as mentioned, his attitude. That’s what got him booted from his modeling gig. He’s also short which is not bad at all..5’7/5’8 with a Jurassic World dick.

    A lot of these dudes are short..Khalil Wells…etc

    Jeramie recently started posting vids under his code name Long Dick Larry and he also started posting other things that make me wonder about all these guys that “look good” but are crazy af.

    Man it must be tough to have people to worship you for your body and nothing else & then you watch as they move on to the next person & you’re there all washed up trying to bring a dollar from wherever you can.

    It’s actually kinda a sad life to live. It’s gotta be the worse feelings in the world to be the entertainment dishrag. Getting washed here and there until you become dingy & then later discarded.

    There was this one pornstar who I won’t name, he’s black, and he used to be something nice and now he just looks so dead and drained of life.

    Most of the time I’m reluctant to support any homophobic male (or woman) who decides they had a change of heart and decides they suddenly like gays.

    For example Heat Martinez had some very homophobic remarks and then all of a sudden now he is doing OF with a crap ton of ass shots. I like how he changed from “The Ladies” to “All My Fans”… Then he goes on the rant of I love you all”and you can see and hear the unsurety in his delivery….and when he says, “I wanna say something for all the ladies” and then he uttere, “and for the fellas” almost as if he was trying to dismiss the fact that the majority of his remaining OF fanbase are gay men. 🙃

    Also,Who dumb enough not to pay they taxes from OnlyFans… especially considering they are not even based in America. Whoever don’t is a darn sum for sure. OnlyFans or OnlyFools? Pick a struggle.

  11. This is pathetic. These were 2 guys who seemed cool as fuck but then hearing how they have been using us to get over with their homophobic shit or just being an asshole makes them losers. And I’m glad I’m not the only one who could tell that Mr XL’s hole looked used up. They can both go to hell.

  12. Yeah I was on Jeramie page and read just how he singles us gays out. It left a bad taste in my mouth. This is why I simply just look at all the free content and keep it pushing. I’m not here for you to get rich off of. Especially if you’re gonna treat me like trash. I have way too much dignity for that.

    1. I lost interest the moment he showed us the goods. He looks homeless in that clip.

      XL was having baby mama issues from what I remember reading a while back. She wouldn’t let him see the child. Maybe he’s on a downward spiral. Somebody need to come and get him. He did some Strippers In Tha Hood videos for Rodney St. Cloud. Rodney come get ya boy!
      I recently saw that Nat Turnher did some nudes for a gay photographer, yet he was said to be very homophobic.

      I don’t understand these guys. Is the need to be “relevant” that powerful/seductive?

  13. In a Tamar Braxton tone, chiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiilllllllllllllllddddddddddd. Them drugs must be good. XL got the look. Dancing, un un. That same body roll was done when he started to get some fame. He had no choice but to do porn. Now this video of him, not surprised. Fact, he not homophobic. He falls into the category of people who play straight to keep them female fans that got money. First strike, XL did in fact do a Paint and Sip before those got famous and did get a handjob. Second strike, XL signed a contract with a gay company to do solo videos. He did a solo video for Next Door Ebony beating his dick with some gloves on. The parent company of Next Door Ebony is a gay company. He even took promo shots for it. Third strike. This last video, that hole has definitely had something go in it besides a plug. I don’t care what anybody say, I don’t care how straight you are, when you throw them legs back and put yo dick in yo mouth, you either had one in there before or you experimenting with somebody on the low. He has nutted in his own mouth, he has pissed in his own mouth. Somebody has definitely pissed on him, on his hole and possibly nutted on his hole. “You like this dirty shit”. Words came out his mouth. He done this way too many times and has sucked dick quite a few times, he even licking the tip. Thats gay. He gay. Remember when Mike Mann was a model and didn’t like gay fans but turned around and did gay porn and let Ace Rockwood swallow his dick, now both them working together on American Porn. The first sign he was gay was his hair. You can’t tell me his hair ain’t never been sprayed on or came from a can before manweaves even existed. That shit looked so manufactured to perfection and was shiny. Whatever he going thru, I don’t know if its years of them tie ups being too tight or too small dick rings but his dick definitely not hard like it used to be. Them big dicks start to fade as you get older. His baby mama know something because it’s definitely not the money. She didn’t have a problem with him stripping and doing porn then, now he doing stuff like this and he having baby mama issues… baby mama know something. Most of them have issues with their baby daddy doing gay shit and if this isn’t on the list of some gay shit….

    Mr. Hollins, that attitude will get him a nice reality check when them coins stop regardless how big the dick is. He not the first with a big dick and nice body and won’t be the last. Its 18 year olds with a body and dick way bigger than his. They waiting to take the spotlight and with the internet, all it takes is a good nude drop on the right site.

  14. The first dude used to travel doing nude massages for MEN, advertising on A4A. I have no shame admitting that he rolled through my city twice. I indulged myself after finishing my last M.Ed. paper. He even waited for me to reach a stopping point before he “relaxed me”.

    The other dude is lame as fuck since he started getting a little popularity.

  15. I’m just waiting on G Hill to come back and do the same type of shit. Because we know his music career ain’t gonna make him the money that he wants or needs.

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