tears of a clown and the other clown who comfort them

the entire clown college.
if amber guyger didn’t go to jail for killing botham jean,
we would have rioted.
she is a former officer who killed her upstairs neighbor by mistake.
she thought he was in her apartment and he broke in.
she was actually in his.
she tried to use the weaponry of “white tears“…


…but the judge and jury were already quenched.
she was allegedly crying,
but no tears were coming down.
well thankfully she was found guilty today…



…but can we talk about another clown that was with her in the court room?

^the clown fixing her damn hair.
i hope black twitter finds her name so she can be shamed.

i love the picture of botham’s mother,
allison jean,
rejoicing after the verdict was read.

Tom Fox / The Dallas Morning News via AP, Pool

 amber faces life in prison.
may she she always be haunted by her terrible decisions.

20 thoughts on “tears of a clown and the other clown who comfort them

      1. And she will be eligible for parole after she serves 5.This is why I didn’t get too excited about the guilty verdict.Although I had no idea his brother and the judge would be forgiving and hugging the murderer.The murderer who admitted on the stand that she intended to kill Botham Jean.
        This is America.

  1. Can we PLEASE stop saying she killed him by mistake? This was PREMEDITATED MURDER. Other residents have pics and vids of her yelling on the phone outside his door prior to entering his apartments. Other witnesses say she was banging on his door for him to let her in. This allegedly “tired” police officer had the presence of mind and the strength to shoot to kill. Lets call a thing a thing. NOTHING about this was accidental. May she rot in a hole for life.

  2. Justice!!!!!!!!!!!!. This poor young man with so much life and promise . Spending his last days on earth in ;

    1) His home
    2) Living his life
    3) Minding his business

    Yet these Evil ,Malicious & Endlessly Cold Cruel people” still did him harm!!!

    He could have been any of us reading this blog.

    Thankfully the jury say fit and applied the correct decision.

    I have learned to watch “these” women as they weep looking for sympathy. I too Look for the tears or any form of sincerity . Jamari , Thank you for mentioning this small but important element in your reporting.

    My prayers go out to his family!

    1. I dont think she’ll get Life. I fear she may get less than 15years OR she’ll get the ultimate time thrown at her to satisfy the masses

  3. I’m sorry not really but we didn’t need a trail we knew beachy was guilty and even if this was a mistake she should pay dearly its murder I really hope they break that bitch in jail and when she gets out hell awaits her arrival

  4. I will wait for the sentence before I get too excited because there is a large range in the sentence 5-99 years and we are in Texas.The cop that killed 15 year old Jordan Edwards faced life and he got 15 years.He was the one who opened fire on a group of teenage boys leaving a party in Dallas County a couple of years ago.

  5. She damn well betta not appeal to this crime. Trigger happy chick couldn’t separate her gun for just work purposes.

  6. As for that linebacker built coon, I hope she gets found out to be corrupt or in on something. Would you fix her hair if it was your son? They don’t even give Black women the maximum does of pain medicine for pregnancy and this weak wench needs to be consoled?

    They say not to make it political, but I bet she voted for Trump. There was no reason. At all. Do wardens coddle their inmates? What the coon is going on?!?!

    1. How y’all mad at the police officer but don’t call out y’all family and friends for supporting their loved ones who are in jail for killing and raping people. Hypocrisy.

  7. *pours myself a glass of Snow Becky tears* The caucacity of this case. Executed in our own homes, but they tell us to get over it, racism is done.

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